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1st Dragster Race 2004

Event Details

Dear motorcyclists,    

MotoRiders Club decided to broaded its appearances by being in a celebration of the motorcycling sports. So, we visited Tripoli airport, where the 1st national Dragster Race 2004 took place. We were lucky because at that race many events took place, some pleasant, some unpleasant and some funny ones. Menu included crashes, beating, laughing, booing but also lots of adrenaline!!! Racers gave the best performance and satisfied their fans, who were eager for speed!!! Unfortunately the race was stopped because of a technical problem at the photosensors and due to lack of communication between the organizers and the contestants... We hope next time the organizing to be alot better, in order to avoid having everybody leaving disappointed the race! Other than the mentioned problem, the experience was great...

Motorcyclists: Sakis, Giorgos, Sotiris, Giannis

Copilots: -

Photos: Sakis, Giorgos

Written by Sakis

Translation: Vangelis