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5th Annual Hellenic Meeting for Friends and Members of the MotoRiders Club

Event Details

The story begins like this... Nafplion, in February at the cozy home of Giorgos Z, shortly before cutting the cake of MRC for 2010. There is the issue of the Annual Meeting and the requirement of Aris, to be held in Crete, issue a little difficult due to the distance, and the obligations of each party. After consultations in order to find the day that the most convenient, we came to the weekend of the May Day. The plan was to muddy the waters. To get to the island and to find ourselves once again together, along with Aris and Ada, was for all joy and desire, to turn up suddenly, without knowing anything about the impending visit, was a challenge. So we lay a scheme named “Kalavrita”, an alleged trip to those places in order to divert our Cretan friends. Expectation of all was to see the eyes of Aris shining.

The appointment was set for Friday, April 30 evening at the port of Piraeus. First arrived Achilleas and Triada from Thessaloniki, from Preveza Michael and Giorgos and Stergiani from Ioannina. Soon came the sender, Manolis, Giorgos Z, Nikos, Sakis, Stratis, Giannis and Ioanna and Dimitris. Despite the pleasant atmosphere inside the ship, the city of Heraklion was late to reach.

At 6.30am, Saturday morning, the ship berthed at the port of Heraklion. Disembarked and, after forming a convoy, we began to the Side Stand Bar, Aris’s bar. We met Aris and Ada in the central square of Heraklion, in nearby cafes. I can not describe in words the expression of Aris when he realized that the group he saw, the motorcycle approaching in the distance, he suddenly stopped in front of him and the helmets, the bikes, and the silhouettes reminded him of something, without being able to believe what he saw. Mixed feelings of joy, surprise, excitement. If we took off the helmets and began to embrace us, he "welcomed" us with its own unique way.

Everyone desire was to go to the Side Stand Bar, as neither of us, from its opening day, had visited before. The bar reopened 7:30 am, the music started playing again, the empty glasses filled with drink and Aris periodically continued the "welcome", as only he knows, really glad as his neighbour told me at night, for our arrival. Here I want to reveal that although the bar has an opinion and identity, plays clean rock music, that morning were heard folk songs and the only fact that might not happen again, fell to the floor 60 baskets of carnations (!!!), who had care Giorgos Z. and Nikos.

We moved away from Heraklion to go in Gouves, 18km east, where the house of the guys, built in green and quiet countryside. Some erected tents, others settled in the house, it did not matter how, just that we were there and at eleven a.m. Saturday morning, we slept for Friday night.

Late in the afternoon and after we rebuild forces, we descended on the village for coffee. The weather was already summer and the sea view unique. Later after dinner, we went in Chersonisos, and we went for a ride to the beach.

Saturday night, we gathered in Side Stand Bar where all presage a memorable evening. The bar was chock full and the fun of the gang at the highest point. That night was the Stergiani’s birthday and as there was no concern for something more organized, we brought a homemade ice cream cake from the adjacent shop. Once again the sunrise found us outside the bar, trying to gather forces to go home. A necessary stop for a snack and again on the road illuminated by the sunlight, which slowly - slowly climbed higher and higher.

On Sunday afternoon, after lunch was near the time of return. The group was divided and another would return the same day and others the next day. The time of farewell was difficult as any time. This great emotion, the words didn’t exist. The engines of the machine began to spin lazily, the throttle heavy in the way for the port.

It was strong the tiredness from all the tour, but you forget it when you bring your mind the illuminated faces of Aris and Ada and the joy that we give them on this trip - surprise. Some things happen only once and get successful when it is unpredictable, pending then the best that follow.


Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Giorgos, Nikos, Giannis, Dimitris, Aris, Giorgos Z., Apostolis, Achilleas (Honda Varadero 1000), Stratis (Kawasaki Z1000), Michael (Yamaha TDM900)
Co-pilots: Ioanna, Stergiani, Triada
Photos: Manolis, Giorgos

Written by Giorgos
Translation: Sakis