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7th Annual Hellenic Meeting for Friends and Members of the MotoRiders Club

Event Details

“Perhaps the best events are those organized in last moment and without many words ..."The phrase possibly could describe this year's Annual Meeting of the Members and Friends of MotoRiders Club. Much time we were looking for an opportunity to arrange a meeting. We all wanted to get together soon. As the weather was getting better, the more was the desire. The presentation of "Journey 2011 - Serbia / Romania"was a wonderful opportunity.

The decision was taken ... In summary, the meeting was arranged for the village Ano Doliana in Arcadia. In most of us this village is known as one of the favorite destinations. Apart from its natural beauty and the green routes that are available, in Ano Doliana are staying 2 very good friends: Giorgos and Vicky, with their 2 children, Costas and the Dimos.

Our friends have a very nice and cozy, a stylish cafe, the "Oneirologio". Although the original idea was to give it a traditional character, finally they made it more "artistic", putting their personal artistic touch to the last detail, either in what they offer or in decoration.

The appointment of the presentation of the travel was for 8.30pm. on Saturday. Because the duration would exceed the 2 hours and it would accompany by several glasses of raki, we preferred to spend the night in the village. So, we chose the "Ano Doliana Village Forest" that is found within distance.

So, Saturday afternoon found us to gather all of us, others having traveled less and others more kilometres. Apart from the usual friends, a great honor for us was the presence of 2 friends motorcyclists from Kozani: Mimis (Kawasaki Vulcan 900) and Manolis (Suzuki Bandit 600), members of the local motorcycle club of Kozani city " Moto-Diadromes".

At 9.00pm we were ready, as it would began the presentation of the " Journey 2011" that had made Manolis, Sakis, Giorgos Z., Stratos in Serbia and Romania. The "Oneirologio" prepared amazing appetizers and authentic raki (=greek drink) to accompany the images and memories that we wanted to share from the trip to the Balkans

The presentation gave its turn to talk, memories of past trips and future plans. We had the opportunity to share experiences with the hours passing without realizing it. The time had arrived almost 3am in the morning and the "Oneirologio" had to close ... We went, therefore, to our beds, with an appointment for the next morning.

Sunday found us all together to drink coffee, watching the surrounding area. In slow motion we were preparing to return to our homes. We felt refreshed ... So as you feel when you're with good friends and share wonderful experiences. At this point I would like to thank from the heart, "Oneirologio" cafe for the allocation of space, the flavoring dishes, but mostly for their positive mood. Also thanks to everyone who honored us with their presence in order to share beautiful moments, experiences and memories.

Good roads to all! Have a nice summer!

Participants: Sakis, Manolis, Vangelis, Giorgos Z., Achilleas, Stratos, Nikos, Mimis (MotoDiadromes), Manolis (MotoDiadromes), Ragas, Alexandra, Lena, Vaso, Anna, Gina, Chara T, Anastasia M, Dionysia M, Marina G, Dimitris G. 
Photos: Achilleas, Ragas