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Meeting MotoRiders Club - Touring Team Brasov (Romania)

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Sometimes a message is sufficient to start a good friendship... Somehow so began our acquaintance with friends - members of the Touring Team Brasov. To get things from the beginning though...

In the spring of 2007, randomly, I was in the internet in a Romanian motorcycle forum, in order to derive some information about the trip I would do in the summer of that year. In fact I left a message for some specific information. After 2 years, in the same forum I received a message, referring to questions related to Greece for some riders that would begun from Brasov in Romania and would visit Greece. So, in May 2009, I met with Mihai and Florin, and the tour in Greece included Kalamata. It was natural that the fellow riders stayed at my house where we had the opportunity to know each other better.

Next year our meeting was resumed at the same place, with the difference that this time they came together with their wives, Ioanna and Christina. In October of that year, along with George Z. we visited Romania, and as expected, one of our destinations was the beautiful Brasov.

The guys hosted us by giving lessons of genuine and warm hospitality. At the same time we had the opportunity to know the remaining members of the travel team Touring Team Brasov, Marcel and Bianca.

For the third consecutive year and most faithful to their date our Romanian friends did us the honor to revisit. Thus, Mihai, Christina, Marcel & Bianca (Florin & Ioanna could not come for health reasons) on Easter Sunday arrived in Kalamata. They had the opportunity to meet Saki, who was visiting me for the holidays. We had a lovely evening with food and drink as suited to the day. The next day they departed for Cape Tainaro, wanting to reach the most southern point of the continental Europe.

After 2 days we had altogether given appointment in Nafplio, in the welcoming George Z. Indeed, Tuesday evening he found us all together in the village of Neo Roino to enjoy the hospitality and culinary skills of George Z. The evening went with a lot of cheer, banter and discussion. Everyone felt that they know each other for years.

Unfortunately i had to leave for Kalamata, due to professional obligation. At the time of farewell, we were excited and we promised that we would be back soon near Greece or Romania ... As I went back, I thought how this friendship started, how random ... in response to travel and bike. This can seem so difficult these days, for travelers motorcyclists seem so easy, so natural...

Drum bun!!! (=well on the way) my friends…

Written by Manolis
Traslation: Sakis