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Members and Friends of MotoRiders Club's Meeting - 2009 -

Event Details

On Saturday, 31/01/09, the cutting of the annual New Year’s cake took place, amongst friends and members of the MotoRiders Club, in the warm atmosphere of ENDO CAFE.

The appointment had been set for 20:00pm. The participation was full, except from the member Takis, which, due to social obligations, couldn’t manage to be present at the gathering. Besides the members that are living in the city of Athens, Aris and Anda from Crete, George Z. from Nafplio, George with Stergiani from Ioannina and a club’s friend, Pavlos, were there.

Funny teasing, travelling tips, lots of chat between the members started to give and take, in an atmosphere full of joy and euphoria. George from Ioannina was the one to do the cutting of the New Year’s cake, since he was the winner of the last year’s lucky coin. The winner for this year was Takis. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the cake was once again an exceptional creation of Mrs Pantazi, whom we would like to thank!

We would also like to thank Mr. Gianni Efentaki (Pallados 21 – Psyri/Athens,, tel. 210 3218908), who, as an indication for supporting the idea of MotoRiders Club, offered a gift, as the price of the lottery between the members of the club. The winner of the lottery this time was Aris.

The rest of the night continued under a slow pace, enjoying the party and the artistic live music, performed in ENDO CAFÉ. The overall evaluation of this gathering was definitely positive and the satisfaction feeling spread out amongst all of us. The group split, wishing for the next New Year’s cake meeting. We renewed our appointment for a close date, this time on the road, en route for our next destination.

Written by George
Translation: Vangelis