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Members and Friends of MotoRiders Club's Meeting - 2011 -

Event Details

Friday afternoon, Michalis came to my house to travel to Athens to attend to the cutting of the annual New Year’s cake of friends and members of Motoriders Club. The event was arranged for Saturday, January 15, 2011, in the evening. Saturday morning we got together to Thyssio with Manolis, Sakis and Dimitris for coffee and a first touch after so long before the evening meeting. Reaching the point where we would meet, we realize for our great pleasure that Aris and Ada from Crete had come, almost without notifying anyone, except one, thus continuing the streak of surprises with their sudden appearance, reciprocating the surprise the club had made in the Annual Meeting of MotoRiders Club's Friends & Members 2009. After the greetings and embraces the tales were incidents and events that had occurred throughout this period that we hadn’t met. With friends in high spirits, time was running too fast, thus approaching the time for the big meeting of the cut of the pie. We arrived with Vangelis, Lena and Stergiani, the specified time in the snack-bar called “Trykiklo”, where the event took place. Just before entering we met Manolis and friends of the club Alexandra, Stefania and Ragas, and they arrived at that time. Manolis brought the calendars of Motoriders Club for 2011, which is a courtesy to members of the club, in terms of design Typopergamini, and for the printing unit of vertical marketing copiers COPIELOR.  We went upstairs, where there already was Giorgos Z., Anna, Aris, Ada, Michalis, Martha, Sakis, Apostolis and friends of the club Nikos T., Giannis T. and Stratos. We sat at a large table that had formed for us the store managers and began to arrive, Vangelis T. and the other Anna, Dimitris, Kyriakos and Dimitra, Panos T and Eleni and finally Christiana, a friend of the club. In such cases, where the company is so big, everyone started the conversation slowly with the person next to him pending the first raki drink. In the process, after the raki came with us during the night became an increasingly strong presence in the bar. The teasing gave and took among the members, while some of their friends who we met for the first time they participated heavily in this climate of euphoria and good will that prevailed.  So the night was rolling extremely nice and we got to the point of cutting the pie. Because there are many more, it was made two pies from the noble and beloved ladies Pantazis, Koufoudi respectively, which, once again surpassed themselves. The first lucky coin was found in the part of Kyriakos and the second at Michalis. This year, because the gifts - offers from donors was more than one, we made a draw among the members. Sponsored in this event were, in alphabetical order, distinguished professionals in the motorcycle area Bouki's Way, Brake Shop, Thiveos, X-moto, which the Motoriders Club warmly thanks for their offers. The rest of the evening continued with the same unabated intensity, until the first withdrawals started and eventually we all left because the time had now passed and the bar should close. It was granted and we all knew in advance that the meeting would be a great success. Success due to the unbreakable bonds that developed between the members of Motoriders Club, in addition to the passion and love for travel with the bike, exists inside the club and other values that make it special and differentiate. On behalf of all of us, I thank again those who attended and who helped in one way or another  this meeting to be successful.