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Summer Camp MotoRiders Club - 2011

Event Details

The last summer closed with the meeting and camp in Kalamata. It was one of the most beautiful meetings of MRC. In the aftermath of that meeting and taking advantage of the weekend of the Holy Spirit it was proposed to repeat it this year, but this time in early summer.

The place known and loved, "the beach Giasemia" in the village of Velika of Messinia. The excellent hospitality of the friend of MRC, George K., in a place that at first glance seems you just configured, but provides all the necessary comforts, without spoils the aesthetics of the landscape. Unique in the whole affair the beach bar that is literally on the beach.

We started with Michael in lunchtime from Ioannina, where once again it started to rain and with strong wind all the way we got to Kalamata in the evening. We made a quick visit to the city and then we moved towards to "Gasemia".

Manolis was already there and had also reached Achilleas, Stratos, Sakis, Nana and Martha. As usually the conversation lasted a lot and about 4:00 in the morning, we started setting up our tents.

The morning wake-up came after four hours with the traditional dip in 08:00 am. The sun had begun to burn, the water was cold, but the strength of the group was the one who pushed to dive. The coffees were made from Michael once again and without another thought, chatting and dunking, it was time for lunch. Shortly before noon arrived and John. In the group were added and the friends Christos and Georgia, who came from Athens for a tour when they learned that we were there. Saturday evening, we decided a little tour to the city of Kalamata. We ended up in the place called Leika in the picturesque tavern of Barbalias.

Sunday morning George Z. came, and Stratos and Nana left because of social obligations. The same pattern and simplicity was scrolling that day and around noon Achilleas left for Thessaloniki and George Z. with John left for Nafplion and Athens respectively. In the evening we visited the village Avramiou, birthplace of Manolis and at the gang had been added since the afternoon Spyros and Vana. In return we got back through the town of Messini.

Monday morning, and as we did not like, unfortunately, we had to take the road back. We loaded the bikes and with mixed feelings we started.

I want to thank on behalf of all those who attended, the friendly people of Kalamata for what they did for us. Ultimately there is no more difficult, yet gratifying thing, from simple. A good company and positive mood. The last words of George K. while we were leaving was, "I am waiting for you at the closing of the season," I wish to be able to find ourselves there again.


Motorcyclists : Manolis, Sakis, Giannis, Giorgos, Giorgos Z., Achilleas, Michalis, Stratos
Copilots : Stergiani, Nana, Martha
Photos : Manolis, Giorgos, Sakis, Stratos, Michalis, Achilleas

Written by Giorgos
Translation: Sakis