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Alexandroupoli - Feres - Kipi - Soufli -Didimoticho -Orestiada - Kastanies - Metaxades

Trip Details

Date: Mon, 25/08/2003
Distance: 308 km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Panos
Photographers: Sakis, Panos
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Motoriders Club in Thrace. This trip was actualized after we returned from Crete. From the southern point of Greece, we decided to reach the northern!!! Motoriders Club doesn’t have limits… our base was an area near the city of Alexandroupoli.
As for the first destination we decided to follow the road that is found in the eastern side of Thrace, at the borders with Turkey. After a few kilometers outside Alexadroupoli we met Feres. A pictorial village very close to the delta of river Evros. The landscape was magnificent, as the vicinity of the water system of the main river and the branch rivers created a chain of ecosystems that extends from the area of Deriou until the sea, with big variety of biotopes, with reach biota. In Feres you can visit the known temple of Cosmosotiras, that is consider the Parthenon of Thrace.
Next stop was the village of Kipi that is known of the border station that exists there. We went until the border and promised that sometime at the future we would pass it, rather than to actualize a trip to Turkey!!!
At the way to Soufli, we passed over the famous forest of Dadia. It is about a protected area with pines, oaks and other kinds of trees. At that area are gather all the species of lizards with the result of attracting, bird of prey, black vultures, gold eagles. This reach ecosystem lives at its own rhythm… At the forest there is a guest house that you can stay and from what we learned, they organize excursions with tour guides, that you can have the chance to enjoy the fabulous landscape of the forest and not only!!!
We reached at Soufli, the so called “silk state”, because of the silk cultivation and the small industry of silk that bloomed at the 19o and 20o century. At the village you will meet the famous “koukoularika”. It is about imposing houses that was not lived from people but from silkworms!!! At others, of course it is known of their  national service…
Next stop Didimoticho. The town lies at the union of Red river and Evros river, while two basic things characterise the town and its history, the continuance and the cultural. At the town you can find many historical monuments, from different periods and cultures that band harmonically between them. It worth visiting.
After Didimoticho, we visited the city of Orestiada. It is about a big city as regards the county, with many traffic and life, a fact that gives it the title of the northern Greek city. The city doesn’t have something spectacular. Even though if you pass by visit the city. We left Orestiada, following the road to Kastanies.
In Kastanies there is a customhouse and a gate for entrance and exit to Turkey (as from Kipi), since is the nearest point to Andrianoupoli. The road from Orestiada until there is something mixture between autostrada and detours… A little further from Kastanies, we met river Ardas that passes not under but above the road!!! That point was the northern, that Motoriders Club reached… not however for long as our future plans were much “northern”!!!
We left and followed the same route until Didimoticho, but next we went to the village of Metaxades, as we wanted to return from the west side of county Evros. Metaxades is a small village near the borders with Bulgary. What made us big impression, was the fact that even though we were in Greek territory, our cell phones were supported from Bulgarian and Turkish networks!!! Even though the 3 civilizations have tied up harmonically many years now!!!
This destination comprised a beautiful experience…