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Azolimnos - Vari - Megas Gialos - Posidonia - Finikas - Galissas - Kini - Hermoupolis

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Date: Sat, 08/03/2008
Greek islands
Distance: 40 km
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From chance or misfortune I found myself in the island of Syros. The island constitutes the capital of Cyclades entertaining - roughly - 25.000 permanent residents. The majority of those reside in the city of Ermoupoli that is found also the harbour of the island. The increased number of permanent residents, concerning the remainder islands of Cyclades, is not owed in the tourism, but in the fact that it constitutes cultural and administrative centre. The presence of certain faculties - consequently and students - contributes in it has "life" and at the wintry months.

Despite the fact that the extent of Syros is not big, the sunny Saturday morning made my mood for a small tour. I decided to visit the central and southern department of the island, where the small coastal villages constitute more important - perhaps and unique - aestival seasonal destinations.

Beginning from the Ermoupoli, I followed southern course (coming out of the boat to the left) and the labelling for the villages of Vari, Makri Gialo, Posidonia... I passed the airport and after 4 km., i reached the village of Azolimnos. It is a likeable coastal village - without particular beach - but with a lot of rented residences. This period I met a few people, but the presence of shops implies that the summertime attracts enough tourists.

Departure following a comfortable and enjoyable way. The quality of paving was good enough (for island) and the street relatively loose. The landscape was dry, without trees but green, because of spring.
In the next 5-6km. I met the villages Mega Gialo and Posidonia that constitute two still known summer resorts of the island. They are found in natural bights and they allocate small ports that they offer hospitality to some fish boats. Naturally the presence of the people was minimal. The majority of residences were rented rooms.

Posidonia and Finikas are two coastal fish villages - almost linked - and little bigger than the two precedents. They gave me the impression that the tourist growth is more intense, without however in any case influence their natural beauty. The village of Finika allocates the most organised port, in that also become repairs of small ships. Leaving Finika I left also the sea. The way up to the village of Galissa passed via "mountainous" extents (3km.) with the landscape remains the same.
The coastal village of Galissa is found in a small and narrow bight. It entertains the two unique camping - as I learned – of the island. The summertime attracts crowd of tourists and mainly young age. As characteristically said to me the local "... the village does not ever sleep!!!" In any case the period where I visited it, not only "slept", but had fallen in "big sleep"!!! Perhaps it was the most "deserted" village that I visited!! I made a little stop enjoying the quietness and calm of the small harbour.

I left for the last destination before I return in Ermoupoli. Covering roughly 8km. (way without seeing the sea) and after I passed the village "Danakos", I saw from above the village of Kini. The small fish village is built on a small bight maintaining his picturesqueness. Reaching its centre, I met a splendid statue, homage in "ignored naval". In near distance from this, is found the beach "Delphini", the biggest of Syros.
Fames report that it is the beach of nudists, as many other in the island.

I continued following up way that in a lot of its points offered splendid panoramic view of bight Kini. The Aeolian windmill that I met signalled the higher point of the way. From that point I could see Ermoupoli from above! Amazing view! I rode downhill and in a little time I reached in the harbour of the city, where it is found crowd of cafeterias and other shops. It was the time for the first coffee of the day...

The total way that I made was 40km. and having finished my coffee - observing the people that was passing by - the hour was still 4pm. I decided, therefore, to wander in the city and visit the two basic churches, the Resurrection (in the region Vrontado) and the Romancatholic church (in the region of Ano Syros).
I began with first stop, the square of Miauli. There, is found the imposing town hall built from the German Ernst Tsiler, in 1876. He is the same architect that drew many neoclassic buildings, as well as, the Presidential Palace of Athens. The tidy and clean square, adorns splendidly neoclassic buildings. Also there is entertained the Theatre Apollo that existed the first building of opera of Greece and it constitutes copy of opera La Scala of Milan.

I continued passing from imposing Saint Nikolaos and I was found in the northern department of the city where it is found Saint Dimitrios. From that point you can see Mykonos and Tinos.

For the end I left two basically sightseeing that first facing whoever reaches in the harbour of Ermoupolis. Above the two hills, they are found, the church of Resurrection and the Romancatholic, respectively. Ano Syros, because of the Venetian origin, distinguished always as one of the minimal romancatholic settlements of Greece. It is unnecessary to describe the splendid view that offers the hills....!! I sat enough time enjoying it... The chill reminded me that the hour had passed. Thus therefore, took the street of return.

It is sure that the island of Syros does not constitute moto destination, but is a likeable tourist destination, as it is a very beautiful and different island...

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Written by Manolis
Translation: Sakis