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Chalkida - Prokopi - Limni - waterfall of Drimonas - Agia Anna

Trip Details

Date: Sun, 15/06/2003
Distance: 380 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos, Nikos K.
Copilots: Alexandra, Nansi, Petros
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

One day tour in Northern Evia and we faced certain “novelties” for the facts of MotoRiders Club....!! At first, a new member was added to our group, Nikos K. with a Kawasaki Zx-9r and the travel constituted the "christening" for his integration in our company! We welcome him properly!!! At second, two beautiful feminine presences, Alexandra and the Nancy, accompanied us and made us pass more pleasantly these few hours away from Athens. Girls we thank for the company and you are always welcome!!!
Departure from Athens at 9.30, destination Northern Evia. Our first stop for a little relaxation and chat was just before the bridge of Halkida. Then we followed the road for Prokopi. As northern we headed the way became continuously more beautiful as we went driving by a river’s side, full of planes! Naturally, it was not possible, not to stop, enjoy the landscape and take some photographs!
After Prokopi, our destination was the village Limni (Lake). It is a quiet fisher’s village, which now begins to attract tourists. It does not have, as they say, the beaches of Edipsos or other Eubean resorts, that’s why it still remains a low profile traditional village with red tiles in his white lodges. We stopped for coffee at one of the cafeterias that exist on the jetty.
Our next was the waterfalls of Drymonas. One amazing sight which you should not lose in any case!!! Theses waterfalls were accidentally discovered by Sakis and Panagiotis in a previous travel they had made Northern Evia. Perhaps it is a little complicating for someone to find it. You should turn right after Rovies and take the road for Kerasea or Vouta. On your way, through pines, you will find the signs that lead to the waterfalls of Drymonas. Our suggestion is to visit this place during summertime and enjoy your swim in the small lake that is created by the waterfalls, if of course you can bear the cold water!
A quick stop for swim and food at the beach of Agia Anna. A nice beach, with clean and deep waters where you can find a lot of graphic taverns with delicious food. However, you should not go very late because you may find nothing to eat!!! The beach is suggested also for camping.
Regarding the road, we point out that after Halkida and up to the Prokopi the street is relatively narrow with a lot of turnings. After Prokopi and up to Limni it is little wider but the turnings are continued. On the way to the waterfalls the road is narrow, with turnings and in some points destroyed. Nevertheless it deserves trying!!! The way to Agia Anna is better. After a point the asphalt is newer and the road wider. Attention at the point that connects the village of Agia Anna with the beach of Agia Anna, which is not good.
We suggest that small trip to those who want to enjoy a one-day excursion, relatively near to Athens, filled up with nature and adventure.