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Dadia forest

Trip Details

Date: Thu, 23/04/2009
Distance: 100km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

A usual question in those who have been found in Evros is: “Did you go to the forest of Dadias? …”. It is not accidental while it constitutes one of the most popular destinations of the region. It abstains roughly 60km from Alexandroupoli and roughly 6km. from the national road of Alexandroupoli – Soufli

We began at the midday, as the rain of the two previous days had thrown somehow the temperature. The program of the day included walk in to the forest, therefore we waited to get warmer. Reaching in the village of Dadia, we followed the labelling that led to the forest. The street led to the Centre of Information of Dadia (Tel. 25540 32209). We left the unnecessary clothes and wore essential for walk.

In the installations - except from a refreshment stand - exists a small room in that can someone find information that concerns the flora - fauna of the forest, but also the history of the village of Dadia. Beyond this, in regular time intervals becomes audiovisual presentation, in order that the visitor can take an idea.

The ecological importance of the forest is enormous. In the protected region of 73.000 acres is entertained a big and varied population predatory and reptiles. Simultaneously they find shelter more from 120 species of birds that in certain periods can reach globally the 227 species.

What makes however remarkable the particular forest is the predatory birds. It has been observed the 36 from the 38 types that exist in Europe, between these infrequent black carrion, buzzard, goldeneagle, king-eagle and eagle-haggard. Unfortunately it will need enough zest, patience, but mainly luck in order somebody to see predatory. In a point in to forest, in a clearing, it has been shaped an area - called “taistra” - where is provided regularly with dead animals. Perhaps there - and mainly in the beginning of the spring - you will have the occasion to observe these seldom animals. In distant distance, in a wooden small building has been shaped an observatory, where it has the view of the “taistra” with the help of binoculars.

There are 2 ways to reach in the observatory: (a) with special vehicle of the Ecotourist centre, paying a ticket, (b) on foot, via a signalled path. We selected to walk, fact that gave us the occasion to enjoy the landscape. After we gave our elements in an employee, we began following the orange marks in the trunks of the trees. The way was very pleasant and comfortable. It follows a path that passes through mature pinewoods of black and trachea of pine, oaks, clearings as well as glen. Its duration is roughly 50-60 minutes and distance that you cover roughly 2.700m. In any case the landscape does not leave you to feel tiredness.

Fortunately, in the observatory we did not meet people, beyond student of ornithology that gave us also certain useful information. We had the chance to see an Aspropari (Egyptian vulture) in the “taistra”. After enough time we took the street of return. This time from the path with the yellow labelling. Little shorter than the precedent, its distance was roughly 2100m. and its duration roughly 45 minutes. The way was lightly downhill and pleasant.

We left the Ecotourist Centre and passing through the village, we followed the plates for “Area of Recreation of Katrantzides” (9km). The village of Katrantzides was an old Turkish village, that henceforth it has only remained some piles of stones in order to remind it. In our days it has been shaped a beautiful area, in a verdant region, where a feminine association maintains a refreshment stand. Mainly the weekends can someone enjoy tasty local pies. Unfortunately we did not stand lucky. In any case the area is very beautiful for a one day excursion that could combine baking. The way up to there was astonishing.

We continued to Soufli. Roughly 4km. before the town we found a tavern where we stopped and tried local relishes, in a very beautiful environment. It had got dark and the temperature reminded rather like winter, we began for Feres. In the tour that we made at Soufli, rather we did not have the occasion to see some of the sights that it entertains. Nevertheless we took a flavour of characteristic local architecture.

In the road of return, what I thought was that Evros hides a lot of beauties that want many days in order to discover it…