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Episkopi (Rethimno) - Chora Sfakion - Fragokastelo - Preveli Monastery - Prevli beach - Kourtalioti waterfall

Trip Details

Date: Wed, 13/08/2003
Distance: 270 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos
Copilots: Nikos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

This route constituted a new experience for a variety of reasons! It combines a lot of different landscapes, passing at length of gorge of Imbros and Kourtaliotis, as well as the unique landscape of Libyan Sea, which made us feel that we were out of Greece. The southern coast of Crete, reminds those of Mediterranean south.
Moreover it was an unusual experience for us, due to the extremely strong winds, which forced us to “fight” for keeping ourselves on the motorcycles!!! Really it was something which we did not wait for, as absolutely nobody warned us with regard to this. The strangest thing was the fact that even if we found ourselves in the southern part of Crete, the winds were north coming... Of course this is justified... As the wind pass through the gorges of the central part of Crete it strengthens with result, reaching in the southern side of island with so much intensity that makes the driving extremely hard. For this reason if you decide to move around this region mind how you go!!!
We got started and before we reach Hora Sfakion, we passed through the gorge of Imbros. The road is narrow and full of turnings crosses parallel the gorge. It is one of the most imposing, narrowest and deepest gorges of Crete. The sides narrow and abrupt converge so much in certain points leaving only a narrow opening that made us believe that we were passing a tunnel.
First stop was Hora Sfakion. Historical village built amphitheatrically in rocky and barren region, inaccessible from land and sea. Few pines in the entry of village are the only existing trees. Amazing view which we enjoyed while drinking our coffee.
Next stop the well-known Fragokastello. The dorp took its name from the Venetian castle, one from the most beautiful saved buildings of Venetians. Fragokastello is connected with a strange and unexplained phenomenon called "Drosoulites". In the dues May - beginnings June, the daybreaks are presenting anthropomorphous shades that look like horse riders directed from the church of Agios Haralampos to Fragkokastello. The phenomenon lasts roughly 10 minutes and has been molded a lot of fables regarding it... even if scientifically it is explained by the phenomenon of mirage. It deserves your visit…
In the middle of a wooded hillside we met the building group of Moni Prevelis. It was built in 1836 and is dedicated to Agios Ioannis the Theologian. Basically the reason for which we visited the region is the amazing beach of Moni Prevelis, which is located little before that!!! This beach is known from the almost 500 steps which you should go down in order to reach the beach… of course what you will not forget is the way back when it is time to leave, going up the same steps!!! Anyway the landscape of the beach is unique as to it lead the waters of the gorge of Kourtaliotis. The banks of the river that lead to the beach are full of palm trees, while a little before it reaches the sea, it shapes a small lake. Right and left are raised rocks. The beach is astonishing, crystal clear waters and hidden creeks. The magic of this tropical landscape will amaze you! Do not omit to visit it…
Leaving the beach of Preveli, one the way to Rethymnon, we met the village Asomatos. Just before the village and after our entering to the gorge of Kourtaliotis, we found the amazing waterfalls of the homonym gorge. The landscape unique, as you watches the waterfalls of 40 metres height!!! Please note that there are no signs around, so you have to be careful in order to find the right way down to the waterfalls! We suggest that you should ask for information at the previous village Asomatos. These waterfalls are not widely known, nevertheless we recommend it.