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Kavala - Levaditis (waterfall) - Xanthi - Sapes - Ferres

Trip Details

Date: Sat, 18/04/2009
Distance: 330km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The vacation of Easter constituted a good occasion for a visit in Macedonia and Thrace. Unfortunately because the distance (roughly 700km) from Athens, the region is not advised for excursions less than 3-4 days. Therefore, the Maundy Thursday we began from Athens. We made an intermediary overnight stay, in Thessaloniki - to see our friend Antonis - and the next day in the afternoon we reached in the beautiful city of Kavala.

Saturday morning, we woke up with the better disposal, in order to explore the region of Xanthi, with the aim in the evening to reach in the village of Feres. Personally, the region of Xanthi, I consider that is the most beautiful of Thrace and one of the most appreciable of Greece. Even if I was found in the region because of my military service, I didn’t have the occasion to explore as I would want. I had promised myself that I would return, so I felt that I achieved my wish…

We decided therefore to visit Livaditis and more specifically the waterfalls, for which they are acquaintance, but the village is incurious. From Kavala there are 3 ways to reach there. The one is via the city of Drama, the other via Xanthi and third via a provincial and less known way via the villages of Lekani and Kechrokampou.

We followed Egnatia Road up to the node of Chrysoupolis. With drivers the plates on Lekani and Zarkadia, we continued in a narrow, helical street that climbed in the mount of Lekani. After 10km and little before the village Makrychori, we turned right (following the plates for Lekani), that led to Stavroupoli. The deserted way was very beautiful, while crossed a verdant region. It was of course shorter concerning the one that passed through the village of Lekani, but I believe that – potentially - from opinion of landscape it deserved more we had followed the alternative road.

Little before Stavroupoli we stopped in the bridge of the river Nestos and enjoyed the beautiful landscape. The weather was our ally, making the day resemble summer! In Stavroupoli we followed direction for Drama, while with some attention you could see also plates for Livaditis (30km). After 6-7km we found the carrefour for Livaditis and we followed a narrow way with a lot of turns that it went up hypsometrically.
In the village Livaditis, we followed the plates for the waterfalls and the forestal village of Erymanthou. We led for 4,5km in an impressive way! We were found in the point where began the negotiable dirt-road (2km) that led to the beginning of the path for the waterfall. Reaching in the pavilion – at the beginning of the path we left the unnecessary clothes and the bike equipment and we began to walk. The way up to the waterfall was 2 kilometres (roughly 35-40 minutes in order to reach). The very tall dense trees offered us shade in our downhill course. Naturally our appetence to see the waterfall didn’t leave us margins to think our “uphill” return! Having covered 400-500m., we began to hear the waters of the waterfall! The last 900m., the path was more abruptly, but without creating problems. At the length of the way there were bench for rest and certain informative plates for the flora and fauna of the region. Both of them, we left it for the return!!! As soon as we reached, the unique spectacle of the waterfall of roughly 40 metres it impressed us!!! In every case it rewarded us - and with more! - for the tiredness! We sat enough time in order to admire and photograph this natural phenomenon!

We took the road of return and after 50 minutes, we reached in the beginning of the path! They were many of those that having abandoned the effort, returned without seeing the waterfall. All made the same question: “Does it deserve the effort? ; ; ” The answer is subjective… personally and also Ploumisti- we consider that it deserves for sure, only to have good mood, time and naturally a pair of shoes for walk! With each reserve I will report that there is dirt-road that leads to the waterfall, without however knowing the distance and its condition.

We returned in Stavroypoli (30km) from the street where we had also come and from there we continued to Xanthi (28km). We, later discovered that existed paved street that continued from the forestal village and reached near Xanthi (roughly 10km. before).

In Xanthi we made a few minutes stop for coffee in the graphic centre of the city. We continued, following once again Egnatia Road to Alexandroupoli, up to the exit for Sapes. In Sapes, in a local tavern named “Melisa” we ate very tastily burger, after the incentive of the Ploumisti’s cousin, Nikos Tsouloukis (from Feres). It was indeed right!

At 6.30pm we took the street for Feres that is found outside Alexandroupoli. We did not follow Egnatia Road, but an astonishing way via the villages Sykorachi and Kirki. Even if the dark was starting to fall, the landscape impressed us! Personally I propose, the particular way, unconditionally, considering that it will impress even the most exigent! If you decide to follow it, you must ask in Sykorrachi which road leads to Kirki. The labelling is almost non-existent!

At 8.30pm, we reached in the hospitable village of Feres. There waited for us, Nikos (cousin) and relatives of Ploumisti. All together we passed the evening of the “Resurrection of Christ”.