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Trip Details

Date: Fri, 03/03/2006 to Thu, 06/04/2006
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Ploumisti, Christos
Copilots: Maria, Maraki
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Αt last our club actualized its first tour for 2006! Either the weather, or the loaded work’s schedule of the members, constituted inhibition consideration not to travel. The 3days religious celebration comprised a good chance to visit the friend and member of the MotoRiders Club, Christos in Zante, also to enjoy the Venetian Carnival that took place the last years.
Manolis and Ploumisti decided to departure on Friday. The last ship from Killini to Zante was at 9.15pm. Departure from Athens about 6.15pm. The traffic was terrible, because that weekend happened also Patra’s Carnival. In a lot of points of the way the vehicles were stopped, creating an endless traffic jam!!! The route Athens – Killini is 285km. from those the 270km are national road. Without stopping at all, reached.- marginally – to Killini about 9.20pm. thank god the ship had not left… The way to Zakinthos is about 1-1.15 hour. About 11.00pm. reached the harbor of Zante, where Christos waited for us. The last Saturday of the Carnival (4-3-2006), got up rather late, since were tired from the trip and decided to visit the centre of the city, the square of Saint Marcos (by any chance it reminded me of Venice???), to enjoy our coffee by the joyful sounds. The sensation was really commemorative! The city was decorated everywhere… lights, masks, people masked and all this with Venetian style!
As Christos told us and informed from handbill, the last years was consecrated the capitulary of Zante – Venetian carnival. The Venice domination has left strongly its scarves in the island and one of those, is the carnival. The costumes, the show, the decoration of the city, the outdoor theatrical show, the Venetian marriage, the horse race shows some of those influences. Even many central roads and squares are similar with Venice’s! Everything of the above creates an amazing sensation… After we enjoyed our coffee, the square was starting to throng, decided to ramble at Solomou Square, Democracy Str, Saint Marcos Square and the commercial road of Alexander Roma that were decorated and prepared for the happenings that were about to happen. On that ride had the opportunity for shopping. Together, were phoned from Sakis and Maria, that were on their way to Zante! The club was gothering…
Then Christos suggested to visit Bochali. Bochali is a beautiful verdurous place with magnificent view of the city of Zante, that lies from the harbor until Lagana. Be far from the centre of the city only 3-4km. Sat at the only cafe that there is and enjoyed the marvelous view. We recommend to visit Bochali if you find yourself to Zante!
By night came Sakis with Maria. Altogether went to Saint Marcos Square to watch the Venetian Marriage of 16 century in Zante, a show that presented for the first time in Zante at the Carnival of 2004 and became capitulary from the municipality of Zante. It is about a folklore show that excited our imagination and transferred us in 16 century, at a marriage of noble people of Zante, an important time for the place, since had stamped the island historical and cultural.
The same night decided to enjoy the night life of Zante at the one of the two clubs that are open at this season, at Lagana. Stayed up till the morning on the Carnival rythms… Sunday 5-3-2006: Because of last night, we woke up late… like the whole island! When we went for coffee at the centre of the town, then the cafe started to fill up with people. The crowd was all around the streets. Went for a walk and sat for coffee. The weather was unstable with periods of time being cloudy other being sunny. The temperature fall a little, while the wind was getting stronger.
    About 4.00pm. we took place at the Alexander Roma Str. to watch the Carnival parade that started from Saint Lazarus chamber, with King Carnival being the leader and richly teams from schools and cultural union of Zante, inspired either themes from the Greek and the global opportuneness, or the classical and diachronical themes that we see at the most parades of this kind. At the parade were also many carnival crafts that gave liveliness and cheer. When the parade finished, we went to Solomou Square, where the parade gathered.
The frenetic Carnival reached the end. The carnival people escorted the King Carnival at his… last residence, until next year after… his resurrection. The local ruler declared the opening of the Carnival of 2007, with many fireworks. The night ended with the melodic sounds of many bands. Next day (6-3-2006)found us with sprinkling and 7-8 beaufort!!! So we postponed a mini tour at the main land that we had programmed and drank a coffee at the quiet centre of the town. Because of the weather, 2 routes of the ship were postponed, while ours was hardly done! Unfortunately our bikes weren’t tied up correctly at the ship, with the result of falling down and getting damages…With the interest and the good will of the port authority released quickly (thank them a lot!!!) and continued our return back with bad weather…
Despite the misadventures from the weather and the damages on our bikes, we left with the best impressions from the Zante Carnival, had watched a small part of the show that happened. We believe that it is unique of its kind as it concludes many elements from the Venetian Carnival. We suggest to watch it if you find the chance…