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Vilnius - Siauliai

Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 I
Date: Fri, 21/07/2006
Distance: 210 km
Motorcyclists: Vangelis
Photographers: Vangelis
Authors: Vangelis
Translators: Vangelis
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Sightseeing map

21 July 2006:I woke up at 8am in the morning. Romanus was already up, due to the fact that his girlfriend wanted the keys for his car. He had also made coffee and breakfast. With the few English words that he knew, we discussed just fine and the time passed very quickly. He mentioned me that the same period I was there, he was also on leave.
Around 9 we went to the parking to pickup our bikes. He did to me a quick tour of the city before showing to me the way for Siauliai, my next destination of my trip. Saying goodbye to him, he asked me if I would pass-by Vilnius again, since he wanted to show me the sightseeing better next time! As for the hospitality, he told me that it was very common for him to offer hospitality to people from other countries. He believed that it mutual and that it was the least thing he could do to show up hospitality and solidarity! His whole attitude had impressed me so much!! I still have doubts whether a foreigner motorcyclist coming to Greece would have the same welcoming ….
I traveled approximately 200 kilometers of highway up to the city of Siauliai. During my trip, somewhere in half, I saw that the clouds were getting heavier and coming closer and closer to me. Somewhere near me there should be a huge rainfall. I just hoped I wasn’t the lucky one to be caught in that rainfall. Around 12:30 I reached the city. Making a few turns, I found the tourist information, in order to find a cheap hotel with a parking for my bike. With the assistance of the very helpful girl in the information office, I found the Turne Hotel, 5 minutes walking distance from the center of the town, for 110 Litas per night + 5 Litas for the parking lot. Room space was big enough, though smoking was not permitted inside the room, but I didn’t really care, since when there was an actual need for a cigarette, I would do it in the bathroom.
So I did a nice refreshing shower and since I had enough time, I slept for 2 hours to relax a little bit more. Around 5 I decided to go out to wander around town’s center. While I was walking, I noticed that during the time that I was sleeping, outside it was raining heavily! After a while, I found a nice cafeteria and sat for a cappuccino, staring at the shops and people around me. Relaxing moments were all I really needed that day. Next day’s scheduled city was Palanga, where I would also sleep, if, of course, the weather would permit such a trip!