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9th Annual Hellenic Meeting for Friends and Members of the MotoRiders Club

Event Details

For another year, the holiday of March 25 was the reason for us to be together. The truth is that until the last moment our meeting has not been finalized because of our professional obligations. Eventually, however, everything went well and we succeeded.

Certainly, meeting without a presentation of a travel is not possible! A tradition that began 10 years ago and held until this year. So we did everything possible to prepare until the specified date. An unwritten rule of the gang of MRC, says ' presentations of travel, made in parts of the participants ... " For this reason, the venue of this year's meeting was set in Nea Potidea of Chalkidiki, where is the house of Mimi, while it is close to Thessaloniki, where is Achilleas. In short, this year's menu included “Northern Greece” !!!

Late Friday afternoon, George Z, Stratos and I started from Athens, while Mimis was in Nea Potidea. We traveled the 550km. of monotonous highway and around midnight, we got the ring road of Thessaloniki, where Achilleas was waiting for us. After the necessary hugging, we all started for our final destination.

After about 30 minutes and 60-70km., we arrived in the central square of Nea Potidea. Mimis, along with his friend Triantafillos was waiting for us in a tavern, with strewn table, welcoming us in the best possible way! The day ended with chatting until late...
The next day was relaxing. The clear blue sky and the heat that prevailed reminded us that already had entered the spring and we were heading towards summer. Achilleas and George Z. did the necessary shopping and the charcoal lit! Late in the afternoon, the table was laid, and soon, the morning coffee was replaced by raki and beers! At some point the phone rang ... the voice of Sakis, who informed us that in an hour they would start from Athens along with Diana, in order to catch us and to see together the presentation of the travel! As expected, the start time of the projection defined with the arrival of the guys!

The time went pleasantly once again until about midnight. That was when Sakis and Diana arrived. After we chatted for a bit and the guys recover from the journey, we began the expected visibility, which included the journey that held in the Western Balkans in 14 days. We traveled 2450km. and crossed six countries. Incidentally, among the spectators - this - time was 2 who came from Serbia. For this reason, for us we made this presentation was particularly interesting to see whether our visual travel to certain places, was "compatible" with that of the locals...

Despite the very late of the time and the possible tiredness, we saw the presentation without interruption and I think the words of Diana «... such presentation for specific parts, not even a Serb has done it..." was the best reward for us!
The Sunday dawned with sun... For the specific day we had planned a short one-day ride that included a tour of Sithonia or otherwise of the "second leg of Chalkidiki". In many Sithonia is the area of Chalkidiki with less tourism development, while with rich vegetation. The "northern guys" took us on a tour there.

Leaving, therefore, the Nea Potidea we ride east and shortly after Nikiti village, we were in the main junction where we followed the signs for New Marmara, Toroni, Porto Koufos ... Essentially, we moved around the west side of Sithonia. The road at several points followed the coastline and other was lost among pine forests. The coastline creates small bays with sandy beaches. For the most part, the trail offers panoramic views of Toroni Gulf.

We traveled around 70km. and about 5km before Kalamitsi village, we stopped at a tavern that had a unique view of both the southernmost tip of Sithonia and Mount Athos peninsula. The peak of Mount Athos was snowy, giving a special beauty to the whole landscape!

Driving a few kilometers, we arrived in the Sarti village. We visited the center, but few shops were open. Generally most of the villages we visited did not work normal, as are summer destinations. We left Sarti and soon did another stop to admire from above the famous beach Armenistis!

Our next destination was the “Bay of Panagia”, and the time had come to eat. The small harbor has some taverns. During the summer months, from this point, start cruising around the Athos peninsula, so there is a relevant tourism development.

Once we finished, it was time for Sakis and Diana’s departure for Athens. We said goodbye and the rest of us continued to the Kassandra peninsula to visit one of the most picturesque villages (maybe the only?) of Chalkidiki , the Aphitos ! In less than 30 minutes we were in the stone square and enjoyed our afternoon coffee! The traditional village has its stone houses and cobbled streets. Near the square is the church of Agios Dimitrios, which is built in 1858. Fortunately human intervention is mild and compatible with the traditional character of the village.

It had begun to get dark when we returned to the house of Mimis. Achilleas had to return to Thessaloniki, while we were leaving the next day. By chatting and future plans ended the last day of our annual meeting.

At this point I would like to thank all those who have honored us with their presence, Mimis and Achilleas for the wonderful hospitality and wish them well in all trips and quick reunion...

Participants : Sakis, Manolis, Giorgos Z., Achilleas, Stratos, Mimis, Triantafyllos, Diana
Photos: Manolis, Stratos, Diana