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Kalyves - Kallikratis road - Orthi Ammos beach - Fragokastelo - Vryses

Trip Details

Date: Sun, 07/07/2013
Distance: 160km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z., Stratos, Stelios (MotoAdventures), John Dom (MotoAdventures), Giorgos M., Dimitris V., Mihai (Touring Team Brasov), Marcel (Touring Team Brasov), Florin (Touring Team Brasov), Bianca (Touring Team Brasov), Gix, Emil, Ionut
Copilots: Anna, Natasa, Chryssa, Stavroula, Katerina, Cristina, Ioanna, Alexandra, Ada
Photographers: Manolis, Stelios (MotoAdventures), Giorgos M.
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

On our first outing, this summer, we were in Crete... But for a "special" reason: the marriage of Mihai and Cristina. The guys, after their visit to Crete and the amazing hospitality of Stelios, enchanted so that they decided to get married “like Greeks “! The first weekend of July 26 "bikers" with 12 bikes, from Greece and Romania, we met to honor the couple at their beautiful moment!

The purpose of the preface was to resolve any questions about how we got to scoot 11 motorcycles from two different countries in Crete. Stelios, as a genuine man from Crete and as a true connoisseur of his island the next day of the wedding, he proposed us to do one of his favorite trails in south Crete: the "path of Kallikratis". The place of our stay - kind sponsorship of Stelios - was a complex of apartments in the village of Kalyves (10km west of the city of Chania).

We started by following the national road to the city of Rethymno and after about 10km. turned right on the beautiful village of Vryses, hosting a beautiful square with tall trees and a small stream. Lots of cafes and restaurants have set up their tables, sharing moments of relaxation to visitors and residents.

Continuing and having traveled 8-10km. The road began to cross a mountainous area with little vegetation, offering an enjoyable driving experience. Essentially, we were at the foot of the White Mountains, one of the two most famous mountains of Crete! Driving climbed altitude, while the landscape became increasingly impressive!

Having traveled approximately 30km from Vryses, we found ourselves at the intersection (just after Petres) for the village Kallikratis. Turn left, following a winding narrow path, which climbed to a higher altitude, in a rocky area with little vegetation. Many parts of the trail offered a spectacular view of the surrounding area.
Just before the village the whole team met and continued the highlight of this trip. Indeed, a few miles further we found the "opening" of the mountains overlooking the Libyan Sea. The scenery was really unique! Unsurprisingly we stopped to enjoy the view!

Just after the point of our stop, it started that part of the route that possessed consecutive sharp turns and we got from the 900m level – almost – at the sea elevation. We all reminded respectively impressive, famous passages from around the world ... fact that made John Dom characterize it «TranSFAKIAsan», having in mind a corresponding the Romanian way of «Transfagarasan»!!!

We travelled, then, this impressive route, resulting in “Orthi Ammos “, a small beach located just before Fragokastelo. It has a tavern where we sat to rest and eat something.

Late in the afternoon we decided to depart. The group had different preferences, as well as the imminent departure of some of Piraeus, forced us to follow a different program from there. So, others visited Sfakia and Aradena, others returned directly to the village of Kalyves, others (like me) returned more relaxed through the gorge of Imbros. The way just before entering into the canyon, it was tortuous. As we drove uphill, the view became increasingly impressive! The deep blue Libyan Sea in conjunction with anhydrous environment of the region referred back to other countries!

Entering the canyon, the wind was strong. It is normal phenomenon, as the southern air entering the narrow gorge doubles the speed ... something that becomes immediately apparent! The landscape was consisted of wild pines, which continued to be with us for about 15km., almost to the intersection of Kallikratis in which we turn at the beginning of the route. From there the route was known. We drove until Vryses, where we did not resist the temptation to stop for an afternoon coffee.

Late in the afternoon we decided to depart, despite the fact that the environment and the company were amazing! We returned to Kalyves where we met with the rest of the gang who had also returned. Once again Stelios impressed us with the places where he guided us...