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Thesaloniki - Cholomodas mountain - Taxiarchis

Trip Details

Date: Sun, 08/04/2012
Distance: 120km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Achilleas, Nikos FTS (Honda Transalp)
Photographers: Manolis, Achilleas
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

For the second day of my visit in Thessaloniki, Achilleas with Nikos Fts (Honda Transalp), arranged to tour me to the mountainous part of Halkidiki and in particular Cholomodas Mountain. As I said this is one of the most popular routes of the Thessalonians riders and not only...

The day did not provide many kilometers, so we started at 11am. The weather was great, making us feel that we are in the spring…it was time!!!

So we started, following the ring road of Thessaloniki with direction Chalkidiki. Number of travelers did the same with us. At the point of Thermi we left the highway, and leading to the provincial grid, we passed through villages of Loutra, Redestos, Thermi. Shortly before the village of Basilika, we turn left with marking "Peristera - Livadi". The road climbed at a mountain region that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the area. We made some stops to enjoy it, and shoot some photos.

Initially, the vegetation was not as intense, consisting mainly of low bushes ... Once we reached the intersection of Peristera, we turned right on Livadi. The bushes were replaced by tall trees, mainly planes and wild chestnut trees. Driving in a nice ride with comfortable turns we found ourselves in a beautiful area with wooden benches and running water. Nick Fts told us that it is his favorite and he frequently visits it with friends. We made a short stop, seeking above all the opportunity to chat and banter!

We started along the east path crossing some small villages of Petrokerasa & Geroplatanos until we arrived at Riza. The road was good while passing through various beautiful spots, small meadows and also rural areas.

After Riza, basically we entered the main volume of Mount Cholomodas or "Epsizon mount" as its official name. For many is popular because some of its parts host some rally stages. The altitude reaches 1.165m. It features several destinations asphalt but also dirt roads. We followed a winding asphalt trail passing through woodlands. The scenery was breathtaking, despite the fact that the trees were not blooming. There were few times we stopped to photograph this beauty!

Continuing, we approached the 1000m. altitude and we were near the village of Taxiarchis. There is a specially designed space (called "Apolimeni Petra") available with a beautiful restaurant and a cafeteria. We stopped to enjoy a cup of coffee.
It was getting late and we had to return to Thessaloniki. Following a serpentine path - with the same scenery as before – we met the junction to Paleokastro, which signaled the end of the impressive Cholomoda paths. Beyond we lead to the provincial roads, crossed the Loutra of Thermi and we met the ring to Thessaloniki.

Another beautiful trip was coming to an end. Once again I realized how many beautiful destinations are "hidden" in Greece that is combining beautiful and diverse landscapes. It up to us to discover them... A big "thank you" to our friends from Thessaloniki for their hospitality and the tour...