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Trip Details

Road Trip 2007 III
Date: Sun, 05/08/2007
Motorcyclists: Kyriakos, Thanos, Nikolai
Copilots: Dimitra, Theo, Paschalia
Photographers: Kyriakos, Dimitra, Paschalia
Authors: Kyriakos
Translators: Nikolai

Sightseeing map

After a good sleep on the deck, we wake up in Dubrovnik. Coming out from the harbour, we pass the passport control and we begin to look for rooms. Finally we found an apartment with three rooms and lounge where we could all be accommodated at a good price. Moreover, it was above the hill with a splendid view in an amazing gulf of the region! We unloaded the bikes and arrange the things in the rooms. After a relaxation we began for the old city...

When we arrive, only by looking the exterior side of walls, we understand that we are to see something very special. Dubrovnik is the most touristic part of Hrvatska (as Croats call their country). We entered and walk to the central square, where the aera is full of tourist shops, cafeterias, restaurants...

We have something fast to eat in order to see the most of the town before the daylight comes out. After strolling around for some time we buy the tickets for entering the walls. The walk along the walls is worth as it offers a breath-taking view both of the sea and the interior of the old town.

It is our first day in Croatia and we are enjoying every moment of it. Unfortunately something happens then that would ruin our mood. Behind the high hill above Dubrovnik black smoke appeared which as time passed became more and after a couple of hours the whole view gets black and ashes fall from the sky.
The situation got so serious that when we returned at the rooms, which was built on the hill, the police would not let us pass before we explain to them that the place we stayed was only 200m from the block point.