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Dubrovnik - Lopud

Trip Details

Road Trip 2007 III
Date: Mon, 06/08/2007
Motorcyclists: Kyriakos, Thanos, Nikolai
Copilots: Dimitra, Theo, Paschalia
Photographers: Kyriakos, Dimitra, Paschalia
Authors: Kyriakos
Translators: Nikolai
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

On our second and last day in Dubrovnik we decided to visit one of the islands close to the city. We rode to the port and bought tickets for the island of Lopud, since the timetable fit our schedule. We had a coffee in the old town and headed to the port again.

After approximately 40/ the boat arrived at the sea. At first we are a bit disappointed by the fact that the beach next to the small port is not very satisfying. But then we meet a tourist who informs us that on the other side of the island there is a very beautiful sandy beach. To get there we walked for about 30’ through a path with high plantation. The footpath is very pleasant and when we arrived at the beach we admitted that it was worth it. The sand and the crystal blue water are so beautiful. After swimming in the cold (compared to Greece!) sea and playing with the rackets we visited the beach bar for chilled beer and a delicious cheeseburger. After a couple of hours we returned to the small port and took the boat back to Dubrovnik.The ended with a fantastic dinner at a restaurant by the old port, where the food was served in the pots on huge wooden tables. The most impressive dish was rice with squid with black sauce (from the squid’s ink!). When we finished dinner we realized that this would be our last night in Dubrovnik so we visited one of the city’s numerous bars for a drink…