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Izola - Venice

Trip Details

Road Trip 2007 I
Date: Sun, 08/07/2007 to Tue, 10/07/2007
Italy, Slovenia
Distance: 250 km
Motorcyclists: Nikos, Ploutonas
Authors: Nikos, Ploutonas
Translators: Vangelis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

We woke up at 10 in the morning. We took our breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, while enjoying the view of the sea. Right after, we started the typical loading of our luggage to our motorcycles and a few minutes later we started driving from Izola to Venice, through Autostrada.

Two hours later, we were already at the “well-known” parking, since our last visit in Venice, in 2005. We parked the bikes there, with a cost of 20€ for 2 bikes for 24 hours.

We started searching for a room to stay and after some failed tries, we managed to find a cheap and decent room, right next to one of the city’s canals (at IVANI hotel). The cost was 90€ per night. We settled our stuff and started our walking tour at the magical city’s canals. After 2 hours of wandering around town, we took a break at the Academy’s bridge for lunch. The return-trip to our hotel though, was a pure adventure. We managed to get lost on our way back. So, we decided to board on the local transportation of the city, the “busses” of the canals, in order to move faster inside them. We headed to the bus stop, determined to get into the the first one that would arrive, without even knowing the direction that it was heading to. We didn’t even know how to get ourselves a ticket! Once the bus came, we boarded in, in order not to lose it and fortunately, nobody asked us anything! After 2 stops, we decided to get off the bus, because we realized that we were going on the opposite direction. After getting off, we realized that we reached St. Marco square and after wandering a little bit more, we finally managed to get our way back to the hotel room.

In the night, we started for our usual walk. After making some new acquaintances at the Campo di S. Mergherite, we sat on the benches to enjoy a very tasty pizza from the ‘Pizza Di Volo’ Pizzeria. We decided to head back to our room in order to prepare ourselves for our return to the traditional grounds.

A fast morning coffee and board in the ship. The places were already well-known, so we found ourselves getting bored too soon. We had to find a decent place to spread out our extravagant mattresses, in order to spend our last night. In wasn’t an easy task, since the ship was over crowded and all the good places had already been taken. After they’ve thrown us out of the best good spot, we decided to move on to plan (B), right under some stairs that were leading to the ship’s restaurant.

As you may understand, after so many kilometers and high-life all these days, our money were almost non-existent. We had to do some sort of economy until the point that we would get some more money from an ATM, in Greek ground. So, how could we raise our budget a little bit?

We went to play Bingo !!! (The Greek way!) Unfortunately, we managed to lose even our last money !!! Dissapointed, we returned to our nest for sleep (in order for the night to pass-by quickly).

The next day’s morning found us full of sleep, but empty in our stomachs.
Even though our tickets were up to Patra, we decided to get off the ship in Igoumenitsa. At 11 in the moring, we put foot on Greek ground, after approximately 10 days off. And … we got our first sober !!! Once we got back on the Greek roads, the quality was indescribable, we were sliding without reason! We took some money out of an ATM and continued for our next destination, Parga, in order to swim and to eat, right next to the sea. Somewhere here, our tour ends up.

The experience of the whole preparation but also arrangement of the trip was a very pleasant process, from which we managed to learn a lot, for future programming our journeys, either they are inside Greece or outside. The certain thing is that it was once again an unforgettable experience which we think that all of you should try!