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Ljubljana - Bled - Bohinj - Sorica

Trip Details

Road Trip 2007 I
Date: Fri, 06/07/2007
Distance: < 300 km
Motorcyclists: Nikos,Vangelis, Ploutonas
Photographers: Vangelis
Authors: Nikos,Vangelis, Ploutonas
Translators: Vangelis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

The next day’s waking up we were all having a great mood, in order to go and visit some of the sightseeing that we had located the previous night. So, after waking up, we went downstairs to eat our breakfast. One of the good things on that specific day was that it wasn’t necessary anymore to reload the luggage on the bikes, in order to do our tour, since we had already booked the hotel room for 2 nights. The second good thing was the weather!! At last, sun and heat were in normal values for a summer season. What else could we ask? Vacations in an unknown place, along with our bikes, good company and perfect weather!! Without thinking anything else, we started the engines and got on the road once again.

The first destination was Lake Bled, one of the most important sightseeing of Slovenia, located northwest.  We followed E61, essentially the same road that we followed last evening to get to Ljubljana. While en route, we noticed on our left and right sides, except from the ranches that offered riding to the visitors, plenty of advertisements offering gliders for hire, in order to do a few rounds through Slovenia’s airscapes.

30 kilometers before the Austrian borders, we got out of E61 and followed SS209, which led to Bled Lake/Castle. Reaching the lake, we came in view of a magnificent sightseeing, with a big green lake, where in the middle of it was a very small island, having a church built on it, while around the lake there were plenty of forests. At one side of the lake, there were a few very tall rocks, where on top of them, there was a medieval castle.

Some people were boating through the lake, while some others were using their bicycles to do the lake’s round-trip. Of course there were also some daring ones that did … swim ! We decided that it would be ok for a start to drink a coffee at a cafeteria, right next to the lake, while viewing the lake’s castle that was opposite of us.

Finishing our coffees, we started driving with our bikes up to the castle’s entrance. We parked the bikes there and with the few luggage in our hands, we started walking the steep stepping-stones. The entrance cost was 6€ per person. It was well worth it, concerning the absolutely magnificent view that it offered from such height. After plenty of photos, it was the time to visit the museum that was hosted inside the castle, where we’ve learnt about its history, along with Slovenia’s history.

After approximately 1 hour, we started driving in order to get to our next destination, lake Bohinj, which was about 35 kilometers away from lake Bled. So after following the provincial road SS209 (the road was very good along with some very nice curves!), from Lake Bled for 35 kilometers, we finally reached lake Bohinj. The pine-trees were almost endless and gave you the impression that some of them were actually inside the water. The lake was smaller than Lake Bled, but clean enough to swim. While driving right next to the lake, we noticed plenty of camping around it, some of them were for free, while some other not. After making a short distance around the lake, we decided to have our lunch on a wooden bar and restaurant, that was located in between the pine-trees and offered a really beautiful view of the lake.

While sitting there and staring at the whole scenery, we saw a couple with a motorcycle, around 40 years old, seemed like they were looking for someone, coming towards us. “Greeks” I thought and I wasn’t wrong. Vasilis and Eleni, both of them doctors, introduced to us. Very good and lovely people! We ate all together at the table and started discussing about our motorcycle adventures and trips. The couple was returning from their vacations in Croatia. They told us that there were many beautiful places to visit there and very cheap, cheaper than Slovenia. Later on, they told us about a fantastic route that they followed before, in order to reach to Lake Bohinj, and suggested us to follow it, on our way back to Ljubljana. After hours of discussions, we started driving back to Ljubljana, through the route that they’ve mentioned us earlier. From Bohinj at the junction of Bistrica, we followed the route to Sorice. Heading up, the asphalt was great, but the road was very narrow. We crossed a forest full of fir-trees and after many uphill and downhill road through the mountain; we reached a green flat country and the very beautiful Sorice village. We stopped next to the road and sat at the lawn, at a panoramic location, where we enjoyed the calmness, at least for a few minutes. From there, we followed the villages – Sorice – Zeleznica – Skofja Loka, in order to get back to Ljubljana, in the afternoon.

 Reaching our hotel, we sat there to rest for a while and got prepared to get out again, in order to find an internet café and unload our digital camera’s memory. In the city there were quite a few internet cafes, but unfortunately, none of them offered access to their USB ports, the computers were in locked boxes. Frustrated, we got back to the hotel, where we found out that the very polite receptionist willingly helped us and without charging us anything!

Getting back to the town, we decided to have a first drink on a bar right next to the river, where lots of people were gathered. We tried to gather some information on the town’s clubs. Vangelis decided to head back to the hotel to rest, while we continued for “Club Global”, that according to the people’s saying, it was one of the best.

Club Global was located on the roof of a shopping center, right next to one of the main  streets. Entrance cost was 5€ per person and you had to wait the elevator to get you to the roof. The waiting time for the elevator was around 30 minutes, since a lot of people were waiting. Once we got up, we saw that the club was full, while the music was playing non-stop. On our left, the was the wardrobe area, where we had to leave our jackets for the cost of 2€ per jacket, while on our right side, there was the VIP area.

In front of us there was the dancing floor, where all the dancing was taking place. We order something “classic”, a jack with amaretto, that it took a lot of time to be delivered, since the bartenders didn’t knew how much to charge it. The rest of the people were only drinking beer or wine. The club’s decoration was mediocre, reminding of previous decades, contrary to the amusement and cheerfulness of the people, that had reached the top, all of them were dancing, something that you don’t see it often in Greece. Approximately 2 hours later, we decided to head back to our hotel, in order to go to sleep.