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Makrinitsa - Portaria - Chania - Zagora

Trip Details

Trips inside Thessalia
Date: Sat, 28/02/2004
Distance: 42 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

This was our first trip for 2004. Unfortunately, the weather was bad since the beginning of the year and we could not plan our trips. After searching many weather channels on the Internet, we decided to visit Pilio. Everyone that we asked told us that the best for Volos and the villages of Pilio.
Volos is 320km far away from Athens, so we recommend you to start early in the morning if you want to have a full day at Pilio. Our rest place was the beautiful village of Makrinitsa which is 12 km after Volos town. There are 2 ways to go to the village one through Portaria village and one that you can go directly. Makrinitsa is one of most beautiful villages of Pilio while is near to Volos in case you want to go for nightlife. Cars are not allowed inside the village’s centre. You can park your car and motorcycle outside the village not far from the centre. At Makrinitsa there are many motels and mansions. The view is magnificent at the village’s main plaza. There are big sycamores, traditional cafe, a spring and an old church. After we found a room at a mansion, we decided to visit the villages that exist at the route to Chania ski center and Zagora.
The route was not far only 42km till Zagora. The scene was beautiful although we visited the area at the end of February and the trees had no leaves. The road was narrow with many bends and a bad road surface. The first village that we met after Makrinitsa was Portaria village. Portaria is a scenic village and it is worth one's while to make a stop at the Centaurs pathway which starts from a stone arch above of which there is a small waterfall. This pathway is good for walking.
The next stop was at the ski center of Chania. There we found a lot of snow next to the road and we reached until the first ski track which was full of people. Since we enjoyed the view of Pagasitikos bay and took some photos we continued our trip to Zagora village.
Zagora village is known for the apples that grow there. Therefore, before you reach the village you see many apple trees. Before the village, you should stop at the waterfalls that exist there. In general, at Pilio you will meet many waterfalls. Zagora is a traditional village. You should visit the main plaza where there are some taverns with great menu.
After Zagora we decided to return back to Makrinitsa in order to rest and go out for a drink. We recommend to visit the cafeteria ‘H Sinaxi ton Theon’ (Gods Meeting), where you will be served by a beautiful blonde girl... maybe her name is "Venus"!?