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Plastiras lake

Trip Details

Trips inside Thessalia
Date: Sun, 10/06/2007
Distance: 72 km
Motorcyclists: Vangelis, Dimitris, Manolis, Nikolai, Ploumisti, Sakis
Copilots: Christina
Photographers: Manolis, Christina
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Vangelis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

The hang-over of the previous day made us to wake up somewhat late…having scheduled a trip to the beautiful lake Plastira. Some of us had already visited it in the past. Nonetheless, all of us had the same appetite to visit it again.
The lake is located 100 km outside Lamia. To be more specific, 100 km is the distance is from Lamia until the junction point where the visitor has to pickup from which turn he will make the round trip of the lake.
We decided to start first from the west side of the lake. So, we turned left following the signs for Portitsa, Moschato, Kastania, etc. The full round of the lake is 72 km. The road is relatively narrow with many twists. Quality of the road is descent. We’ve seen some asphalt works being made that will make things a lot easier once they’re finished.
At the first kilometers that we drove, the lake was not visible. At the point that we met it, we started to drive through rich sprouting, mainly composed by plan-trees. The trip was not exactly by the lake side all the time. Nevertheless, it offered magnificent panoramic view in various places, reminding great paintings! Along the route we’ve met various hotels and taverns, some offering a panoramic view, some other not.
Following the really wonderful route, which at some point touched the altitude of 900 m., we reached a tavern that had fresh trout for eating. Ploumisti knew this tavern’s existence. In between a forest full of plan-trees and on top of a river, a small stand was being built, where the tavern had laid the tables. The tanks with the trout were only a couple of meters away. Of course, our meal was mainly consisted of roast or fried trout, along with some exceptions. The freshness that the big plan-trees were offering, the sound of the streaming water, the river itself and the natural landscape made our meal taste better than ever!
Time was flying, so we decided to proceed along our next destination. Continuing the really beautiful and full of green route, which reminded the Alps, we reached the dam. We made a few minutes stop to take some photos and enjoy the view. There is also a sign informing us that at that point on 1925, Nikolaos Plastiras was inspired the construction of the dam, which was finished on 1959, six years after his death.
We continued to drive, having the route following the lake’s borders. At many points there were places that were being setup as resorts for the lake. We decided to make a stop for our afternoon coffee, but also to rest for a while, since the heat was reminding us of a full summer season. The scenery was stunning, since the crystal-clear sky was mirroring itself on the peaceful lake’s water.
Later that afternoon, we drove the way back, through Domokos. We did a few minutes rest-break at Vangeli’s house in Lamia, to pick up our stuff and started our way back to Athens. Even though we had travelled for many kilometres, the pictures and emotions that we had “harvested” didn’t leave us enough margins to feel the tiredness…