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Olbia - Spiaggia Pittulongu

Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 III
Date: Thu, 10/08/2006
Motorcyclists: Nikos
Copilots: Despoina
Photographers: Nikos, Despoina
Authors: Nikos
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Thursday 10/8/2006

This day was dedicated to Despina. The suffering of the previous day and the disappointment from the city of Oldia made her complain -she had lasted too long. We had the chance to relax for a while and rest to Spiaggia Pittulongu, a beach with really beautiful sea that was 3km away from our hotel. It’s worth to mention that for two deck-chairs we paid 18€.

During the afternoon Despina visited the local market for shopping therapy. We returned at 11 o’clock to our hotel in order to sleep tired but psychological fresh and with eager to continue our trip…