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Positano - Capri - Anacapri

Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 III
Date: Mon, 07/08/2006
Motorcyclists: Nikos
Copilots: Despoina
Photographers: Nikos, Despoina
Authors: Nikos
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Monday 7/8/2006

I opened my eyes at 7.00 am. I still had not realised that I was on vacations. At 8.00 am we woke up in order to have our breakfast which I have to admit was substantial. Then we went down to the beach and board immediately among eight others on a 12 meters boat with a likeable captain. We got started for Capri. The landscape on the way was impressive. Unfortunately for the ladies that were aboard the trip was a little gruelling as half of them were at least dizzy!
We finally reached the graphic island. The yachts and the luxury that prevails were the first things that impressed us! We were watching the port and the people walking around. On the top of the port there were two villages faced each other squarely: Capri and Ana Capri on a steep, green but amazing landscape!

As soon as we got off the boat we headed to the ticket office for the cable way to Capri (1,30€ per person). There are two ways to go up to Capri:

• get a taxi for a small tour in the remainder island. This taxis look like open top limousines. The price is 120€ per car (for 6 persons).
• take the bus. For which I didn’t even ask the price.

Capri is located on the higher point of the island and it is full of classy shops for reach pockets! You can see the most known Italian firms of “haute couture”. Most of the hotels are at least 5* and the prices are extremely high!!! We spend a lot of time walking around the narrow streets of Capri and we returned to the boat and continue our tour by the sea… First we visited the caves of the island and we had the chance for a quick dive in the dark aquamarine waters. The captain, very friendly indeed, impressed us by offering sweets and champagne… Such a luxury!!!

In the afternoon we returned to our hotel completely knackered, we took a bath and lay down to rest a bit. Anyway, we had to wait till 7.30 pm when the restaurants are open. If you visit Italy, you must give attention to the time program of the restaurants. It’s an applied rule even in the most touristic regions. Strictly 7.30 pm – 11.00 pm!!!!

At 7.30 pm we were already in one of the restaurants of the village that we had located from the previous evening. At this point I have to recount our useful dialogue:

Me: "Despina? What will you order for me?"
Despina: "Wait, I look at the list and will translate for you. Well, there is a variety…"
Me: "Anyway, choose something simple because I am starving to death! I would like spaghetti in the oven and potatoes in the oven with melted cheese and ham!"
Despina: "OK…"

After 20 minutes (shortly…) the waiter came with some dishes that did not look like something we ordered…

Me: "What he brought us here…!!!" (Cursing in Greek, with words I cannot mention here!)
Despina: "Everything I ordered…" (with trembling voice…)
Me: "Despina? I think they give us what remained in the kitchen…Do we look like tourists?? Or we do not know what we order???"

Anyway, I have to admit that the food was delicious and cheap I could say (30€).

Our wondering around the narrow paths of the village was completed. When we returned to the hotel we asked for certain information relative with Pompue, which we wanted to visit the next day. Unfortunately, what we heard was extremely disappointing and worrying as we were told to avoid visiting Pompue with the bike, due to the increased cases of theft that are reported there! So, we went back to our room…