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Palau - Golfo Aranci - Civitavecchia - Rome - L'Aquila - Ancona

Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 III
Date: Wed, 16/08/2006
Motorcyclists: Nikos
Copilots: Despoina
Photographers: Nikos, Despoina
Authors: Nikos
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Wednesday 16/8/2006

We woke up at 6.30 with great difficulty. We packed our things and when we got up from the tent we saw on the bike a box with the chocolates and one note that wrote: a small gift for a big favour and the names of the five guys. “They are full of surprises, the Italians” I thought “, but where would I pack all this to the TDM. I squeezed them,  we left them some useful small things (shampoo e.t.c.) and a note where I thanked them, we advised them to watch their keys –as from today we would be away- and we mentioned that if they decided to visit Greece not to be afraid of how easily we opened the lock!

We started for Olbia from where we would leave the island of Sardinia and pass to Civitavecchia. When we reached the port a policeman noticed that the number of my bike was not quite visible. When we told him that we are from Greece he noted his head and let us go on.

When we went across and got off the ship we headed to autostrada A12 heading to Roma. Reaching there we followed A24 and made a stop to L’Aquile. This city had also a snow center! It’s famous from the Greeks that study there and the characteristic 99 squares and 99 churches that has. The place near the mountain was picturesque with rich sprouting that covered the field. We walked to the pedestrinized street and enjoyed a coffee that helped us rest and relax.

Leaving behind us L’Aquile we moved to Guilianova. This part of the journey was the best! We passed through wonderful villages, remarkable sights and hights that cut your breath. We passed through the tunnel 10,2km and then some bridges and tunnel. Then when the motorway was finished we followed apart of the ethnic and provoncial  road until we got in the motorway A14 with direction Ancona.

To this place by the beach had the chance to enjoy at our right the blue of the sea and small villages and settlements with picturesque houses, while at our left we had the high hills. It was a truly enjoying tour.

We reached Ancona round 9. Tired we searched for a hotel at the center of the city, unfortunately without luck. A guy with a scooter in the port informed us for the in the side of the port and the bus station. In fact we found there. Maybe the area and the hotels remained us the square of Oldia in the center of Athens, but it was clean and with good breakfast. In fact it was what we needed at that time.