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Alba Iulia – Transalpina – Bucuresti

Trip Details

Road Trip 2010 I
Date: Sat, 09/10/2010
Distance: 420 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z.
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z.
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

As soon as we woke up the first thing that struck us was the fog that prevailed. We felt it was a good excuse to delay our departure a bit. The day's program provided approximately 150km mountain trail in the mountains Sureanu - Cindrei - Lotrului. The Florin & Mihai told us that the route is called «transaplina». The passages are not particularly high, about 1700m.  Except the one that reaches 2.230m. But we were not sure about the condition of the road.

We went down on the ground floor of the hotel for breakfast and at 10a.m. we were ready to depart. We followed the signs to Sebes, a small town that is 17km away. The route was moderate and of course always with the presence of trucks, because this way leads to Bucuresti. At one point was blocked, because they made a bridge and they had cut traffic, forcing vehicles to cross the river via a floating army bridge!

Once we moved in Sebes (13 km), we followed the signs to Sugag (21km). We passed Petresti (23km) and basically we were getting on the road (67C) that leads to the mountains of central Transylvania. After the village Capalna (21km) the scenery was fantastic! Along the route stood tall trees and vegetation was dense. The route followed the course of the river Sebes, making the landscape more spectacular!

There were few times we met ponds since the river is used for hydroelectric power and dams have been created for this reason.

I pressed, without understand it a piece of iron with the wheel that was on the road and this crossed next to Giorgos Z. who followed. Immediately I stopped to see if everything was ok and check the situation and the rubber of the rear wheel. Fortunately the blade had nicked the rubber, thankfully to a point where there is enough tread. I wished it wasn’t swallow and the tire not losing air, because things would be very difficult to the place where we were.

Continuing we arrived in a big pond at about 1400m altitude. The temperature was closely to 0 degrees. We stopped to enjoy the view and continued moving around the lake for several miles. Driving uphill we met the first road works on the asphalt road. So we had to move on dirt roads where in some areas they had mud. To our good fortune it had not rained recently and the frequent passage of the machines which working in the road works, had pressed the dirt making the road more passable.

We passed by an altitude of 1700m without any special labeling. We began to descend until the intersection leading west to Petrosani (34km) and east on Voineasa (47km) and of Ramnicu Valcea. At that point there was a guesthouse and a restaurant. We thought of moving west to reach the passage that was relatively close to the point where we were and then we would be back towards Voineasa.

After about 5-10km we reached the passage which is the boundary between the 2 countries Hunedoara and Vilcea. We returned again driving on a passable dirt road and we found a source of water with icy stalactites... the temperature-as measured by a thermometer was below zero.

On the way back we found the junction leading to the passage at the 2228m southwards. A sign informed us that the road is closed to public traffic. Having met so many projects before, I do not dare to go up there and did not know the condition of the road and our information on there was rather daunting (at least for this season).

We drove east until we found the lake Vidra. The landscape full of firs ... On the opposite side of the lake we could see the ugly buildings of a hotel ... like a dissonance to the beauty of the landscape. If we wanted to stop somewhere it wouldn’t be in these facilities.

The route continued but the road conditions were bad. Many muddle made us to be careful, without being able to enjoy the scenery. Eventually we could not distinguish most of the lake and the road began to descend. The situation improved.

Arriving at the village Voineasa, we decided to stop to rest and drink a coffee. We had decided to get to Bucuresti and we did not want to ride at night because of the cold. We found a nice cafe a hotel in a beautiful environment. The village had several guesthouses.

Around 4.30pm we departed with following the signs to Brezoi (36km). The road was in good condition with a lot of vegetation. We met small villages along the route near the river Lotru.

In the village Brezoi the road cross-reference with the highway Ramnicu Valcea (38 km) - Pitesti (102km) - Bucuresti (216km). The route is really impressive if we exclude the many trucks on the road that we do not let you to enjoy it. The route follows the river Olt, between rocks and in some places we were moving just above the river!

For about 100 km we found traffic and the driving was difficult. However, this national network is not at all monotonous since it crosses beautiful areas with lush vegetation.

Once we arrived near Pitesti we entered the motorway and it's time for redemption... we now move with ease and more rapidly with more safety... The only drawback was the complete lack of lighting along the route.

At 8pm we were getting in Bucuresti. The lights of the city brought joy to our faces. I can not wait to get to the hostel, to change and go out for dinner. So what happened... we saw the wet roads and then we realized that we had turned a large part of Romania, without getting wet at all... despite the cold weather that prevailed!

When we returned to the hostel and we were in our beds, we were sure we get the right decision to go back to Bucuresti on the day before departure to Greece. We wanted the last day to relax in order to be rested for the return... Beyond this was a good opportunity for Giorgos Z. to see the capital more...