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Brasov –Telciu

Trip Details

Road Trip 2010 I
Date: Wed, 06/10/2010
Distance: 319km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z.
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z.
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

With difficulty we woke up and started to prepare things. Around 8:30 a.m Florin arrived. As he came we immediately realized that he was sick. He looked very haggard ... and sick. Nevertheless he wanted to takes to the garage and because his car does not fit our things, he recruited his 85 years old father to go with 2 cars. We convinced him not to come with us and stay there until we return with our bikes from his garage. He was so sick that finally agreed.

Later, when we were ready to depart, we said goodbye and we arranged the new appointment in Greece. It is now their turn to come. We departed for Targu Mures (175km), with a short stopover at the bureau and at the gas station for fuel and a cup of coffee.

Following the signs to Tg. Mures we drove through a nice area with vast green pastures. The weather was our ally, although it was very cold and cloudy in the beginning. In the village Rupea we made a short stop to photograph the imposing fortress that exists on the hilltop. Beyond that, for about 20-25km the track is impressive as it crosses through woodlands with towering trees.

Approximately 20km before the village of Sighisoara Saschiz, the bell tower of the Evangelists and the castle that stands proudly on the hill above the village are impressive.

The city is amazing. The castle has beautiful and impressive sights (i.e. the father of Vlad Tepes, the Turul cu Ceas, etc). The truth is that visitors need a day-at least, to wander the medieval fortress of Sighisoara. We thought initially to make a stop, but in a second thought, I thought it would not be the best since we wanted to drive many miles to find ourselves near Maramures. So we continued to Tg. Mures.

The weather improved and the sun helped us to stay warm, as the temperature had dropped considerably. The road is in good condition making the driving easy. The downside was the presence of many trucks, difficult to overtake. After Targu Mures we followed the signs to Reghin (32km), and Bistrita (90km). The road is in tolerable situation and the landscape consisted of large areas of grasslands and pastures.

The route (around 25 km) crosses a green area without much presence of trees. It passes through quaint little villages, were we found many carts. Once we got near Nasaud we turned right (east) towards Sangeorz-Bai (27km). We intend to continue to pass the Rotunda, located at 1271m. An informational sign changed our plans, and informed us that the road to the crossing is closed and you can get to the village of Valea Mare. To be sure I asked a nearby gas station and told me that it is a "forest" road and so it is closed.

So back to the previous junction and headed to Moisei (about 60 km) reaching the region Maramures. From Salva village begins a narrow, moderate status road, which crosses a landscape of outstanding natural beauty. In many places the trail follows the bed of a raging river. Many wooden footbridges connect the opposite sides...

We decided to stay overnight in one of the villages, without knowing if they had accommodation. We wanted to be near Maramures region to explore it the next day. At the same time we wanted to enjoy the route. The solution to our problem was the property  Pensiunea Sonia (room rate: 70RON/duble bed) village Telciu (16 km).

The time was 6pm. when you upload our stuff to our room. We went to a restaurant to drink coffee, eat and discuss our travel schedule for the next day. The 300km that we did not particularly tired us, as most of the ride was comfortable and the scenery so spectacular.

The next day we entered the area which is the reason that we visited Romania ...