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Brasov - Poiana Brasov

Trip Details

Road Trip 2010 I
Date: Tue, 05/10/2010
Distance: 20km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z.
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z.
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas

Sightseeing map

The failure of the motorcycle forced us to stay in Brasov... I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was the replacement. Florin was at home at 9am. He made coffee, gave us cake and juice and we ate a breakfast before we departed.

We went directly to the shop with the bearings and we were lucky and found what we wanted. Then, having taken only the tire with us, we went to the Suzuki service center, which belonged to a friend of the guys, rider Andrei, holder of an Africa Twin, admirer of Greece, which he had visited. He helped us and after 1.5 hours the tire was repaired and ready! We took a commemorative photo and we returned in the garage to replace it.

Giorgos Z. carried out the difficult task of replacement. With care and patience, cleansed and then lubricate all components and put the wheel in place ... it was time to test it... So we decided to go for a ride in Poiana Brasov, which locates only 10km away.

The Poiana Brasov (= plateau) is one of the most famous tourist resorts of Romania. I believe that the most of Romanians have visited it. Last time I had been there was in 2002. In the city there are many signs to guide you to the region. The route is amazing and runs through wooded areas and one cannot imagine that exist so near to the city. It is the first choice of local motorcyclists.

Once we got I noticed several changes. More hotels, more tourists ... We came to the famous restaurant «Coliba Haiducilor», which means the hut of a group of villagers / thieves who stole from the rich to give to the poor. The decor, I think, impresses more than the food. Giorgos Z. even jokingly said, "... the Haiduci steal from the rich now and do not give the money to poor people ... the put them to their pockets!" Beyond that, it's worth to visit it. I think you will be impressed...

At 4pm we returned to Brasov and began to wander back to the historic center. Our friends suggested to visit Bran & Rasnov, but Giorgos Z. preferred the Brasov ... I have personally visited all 3 parts. The truth is that I like also to walk in the city. We wandered enough to discover many beautiful corners.

At 8pm. we were with Mihai and went to a very nice and small cafe. Later his girlfriend came. By the way, I gave them, the MRC t-shirts and they really enjoyed them. We sat a long time chatting about various topics. With Mihai Giorgos Z. could participate in the conversation in English.

Later we went to meet Florin in a meeting-celebration that had with the club  Kronstadt Bikers in a rock Music Cafe. The club has a chopper character, focusing more on meetings, in other events, etc. Typical chopper faces. We had a conversation, laughed. Mostly, however, laughed with Giorgos Z and his comments ...

We returned home and decided to start early the next day. Giorgos Z. glanced at the map. We sat to make a small program ... maybe for the first time on the trip. There he realized that ultimately it is not possible to visit both the 2 areas that we wanted since we need more days. So we decided to visit Maramures, Transalpina and we will return to Bucuresti...