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Cesky Krumlov – Namest Nad. Oslavou

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 III
Date: Sat, 16/08/2008
Czech Republic
Distance: 190 km
Motorcyclists: Kyriakos
Copilots: Dimitra
Photographers: Kyriakos, Dimitra
Authors: Kyriakos
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Saturday 16.8.2008

The first thing I did when I got up, was to open the shutter to confirm that this sound came from the endless drizzle ... We went down to get our breakfast in a beautifully landscaped area and having loaded the bike, we wore our waterproof clothes, greet the owners and we started. Today's destination is the Nad Oslavou, an area of about 30km. before the track Automotodrom in Brno, as there I found and I had booked accommodation * for the game ...

Throughout our journey we would ride at a rural road. Besides the Czech Republic actually has only one highway (Brno-Prague-Plzen). The spatter in several parts of the route gave its position to the normal rainfall so that we move with very low speed. Another negative consequence of the rain was that it was impossible to see the map below the dazzled tank-resistant bug, which is essential for the journey, and often the way led to another and you have to constantly choose direction, but without knowing who are the places who the labels wrote... So under these circumstances the only contributor was the headset, which ran the cable from your phone into the bug-tank and through the sleeve of the jacket came into the helmet and the ear where listening and follow the instructions of the gps! I guess you understand why I was furious when suddenly I heard the sound that makes the phone when running out of battery (immediately remembered that the previous night I did not charge it), and this voice that sounded so sweet to the ear gave place in absolute silence...

As you understand our stop to the next gas station was necessary not only for supplying the engine ... After half an hour waiting we started and continued to move northeast, passing by villages and small towns. Unfortunately, for the particular route there are no photos as the rain did not stop a minute. After one hour and the anxiety that we may face again with the same problem with the battery cell, we stopped at a tavern we found in our way and we sat down to eat. Even on the television showed the trials for tomorrow's race!

After we had continued on the last part of the journey, which, because of the conditions were probably the most tiring of the journey, whether it did not contained a lot of miles. This resulted when we arrived at the hotel, after a relaxing bath we needed to get some sleep. When we got up the time had passed, so we did not start even for a short visit to the city of Brno as we had in the program, as we had to cover a distance of about 45km and even more to return. However the key deterrent factor was not so the distance, but that there was no way to go, to wear again the raincoat as the rain did not stop!

So we left the room and went to the restaurant - bar that was available at the hotel, which was full of bikers who had returned from the trials and they were drinking a lot of beers! The whole atmosphere utter a long wait for tomorrow's race...

* Hotel Monaco, Namest Nad. Oslavou. Looking to make reservation two and a half months ago, on the eve of the race, all accommodation in Brno were too expensive ... So I ended up booking in this hotel for 59 euro. It has small simple rooms, not anything special. About 30km. away from the racetrack.