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Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 III
Date: Mon, 18/08/2008
Czech Republic
Motorcyclists: Kyriakos
Copilots: Dimitra
Photographers: Kyriakos, Dimitra
Authors: Kyriakos
Translators: Apostolis

Sightseeing map

Monday 18.8.2008

After many days , we woke up and got out of bed in peace. That day was the only one that did not include bike transportation. First , we moved to the place where breakfast was serviced about 10 minutes higher on the road. In that place free internet access was also provided . So, after we ate and surfed on the internet we started our wandering on the city starting with the castle.

The castle of Prague is one of the largest and prettier castles in the world and constitutes the residence of the President of Czech Republic . Here one can spend a whole day wandering in churches, chapels, rooms and towers of all the periods of the city history, which are saved despite the fires and invasions. The majestic Cathedral of Saint Vitus stands out ! There are 2 categories of tickets the long and the short tour . We chose the short tour one so that we won’t spend the whole day at the castle and have the opportunity to wander more and in other places of the city. Unfortunately, we didn’t enter the astonishing temple of Saint Vitus because we had to wait on a half-hour queue… Reaching the back side of the castle where there was a beautiful garden, the view on the river and the city was unique!

Then, coming out of the castle, we started moving towards Petrin Hill with the beautiful gardens and highest point where someone can see Prague, the Petrin tower. It’s not exaggeration to say that for the next 3 hours we walked on the paths into nature as the beauty and the calmness of that pace didn’t live you to go ! The garden with the roses was ideal to take a seat on a bench for a small break ! We also got in the labyrinth of mirrors, at the end of which there were rooms with deformation mirrors that caused much laughter to everybody …

Going down towards the river we passed the bridge opposite the Charles’ one ( Legi ) which goes above the Strelecky island and you can go down the stairs for a walk. There, there was a beautiful summer cinema. From the island ’ s banks , the view of the river with the city on the background was sublime ! They weren’t few the ones that rented sea-bicycles and took their ride in the river. Next, we went across the other side and going down the steps we sat on a beautiful restaurant with benches next to the river with a view to the Charles’ bridge and the castle ! In combination with the delicious food ( a salmon … what a salmon !) and the soundtrack of a guitarist who played the guitar and sang , you thought that we were paid back for the tiredness and the many-hour walk !

After we recovered our strength, we continued with next stop the Charles Bridge , one of the most impressive ones of Europe , 500metres long , that connects Mala Strana with the old city. The impressive religious statues on the left and right of the bridge  stole our attention. Every hour of the day the bridge is full of tourists, musicians, artists and vendors.

On the afternoon ( and after some rest at the hotel ) we started our last walk in Prague, heading towards the central square of the old city. On the City Hall, in front of the astronomic clock people had gathered , as in a few minutes it would be seven o’clock sharp and the clock would give its own show... The spectacle was really impressive. First, Time on Death’ s disguise pulls the rope with the right hand, and meanwhile turns upside down the hourglass that holds on the left hand, token of the time that passes by. That moment the 2 little shutters open and the 12 holy apostles move slowly forming a circle with head Apostle Peter. At the end, the rooster crows and the clock sounds the hour, as the people burst into applause!

We continued to wander on the paved roads, on really slow tempo, as the many-hour morning walk had left its signs... During that walk we had the opportunity to enter a store with puppets and admire the variety as well as the quality of their structure . Not random at all, as Czech Republic has tradition on making puppets !

On the road of return to the room, we went up on the Charles Bridge Tower so that we can enjoy it from above with the lights on , as the night was coming on. The stairs we went up did not deserve it, as there wasn’t too much space with the tourists being crowded , there were huge spiders everywhere which walked on the nets they had created… A picture of full abandonment… As we went down, passing the cash desk I encouraged them to print on the ticket the word Spider - Tower, expressing that way our disappointment…

So, after we went down from the Tower and crossed the bridge for the last time , we returned for a last glance on the whole scenery and faced a unique scene with a full moon on the back of the Spider-Tower ! The hour passed by and we went to our room to pack our things because on the morning we would go to Karlovy Vary. Our stay in Prague was reaching the end and we were leaving with the best pictures and recollections. The only sure thing is that Prague is going to be again in the future a travel destination!