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Salzburg – lakes Mondsee & Attersee

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 III
Date: Thu, 21/08/2008
Distance: 130 km
Motorcyclists: Kyriakos
Copilots: Dimitra
Photographers: Kyriakos, Dimitra
Authors: Kyriakos
Translators: Vangelis T.
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Thursday, 21.8.2008

The alarm clock sound made us get up early and start preparing ourselves. For today we had in mind, except for sightseeing the city of Salzburg as much as we can, to find the time to make a small excursion to the nearby lakes on the east of the city.

So we got out of our rooms and started by getting out to the highway, following the signs to Linz. At the first gas station, we made a small stop for refueling and to have something for breakfast, since our hotel did not include this with our reservation. We payed special attention to an Austrian couple, around 60 years old, that were sitting across our table, and they had for breakfast sausages, bread and bear!

Continuing our ride, we moved for a few more kilometers on the highway, and we got off at the exit for Mondee, to head for the local lake. In a few minutes we were at the local road aside the greenblueish waters of the lake. Our sidelong looks were this time to the road, since our heads could not resist turning around towards the lake…The stops we had during our ride, either to get some pictures, or to enjoy the scenery, were numerous!

After our passage from the east side of Modsee, we met in a few minutes the lake Attersee, which is the largest in the area. The peacefulness of this place was competing its beauty! Green valleys with traditional houses were from one side of the road and from the other the beautiful lake with its crystal clear waters. This time our heads were looking at the road, but our eyes….squinting! Really you did not know where to look first!

Up to now, during our trip we passed from many beautiful places, but at this specific one I caught myself thinking how it would be to live here…Having crossed the whole east side of Attersee, we reached at the top, having a short stop to have a coffee an d enjoy the view. We could see some Austrians swimming in the lake, as the weather today was magnificent, with the sky blue and only a few clouds to add to the site.

A little further away, a mother with her child started throwing small pieces of bread in the lake, to feed the swamps and ducks. In a few seconds, all the small animals existing, gathered around this spot…Time passed, and we almost forgot that we left a whole city behind us to see, the rest of the day…So heavy hearted, we got up to return, choosing to continue the rest of the way around the lake, to complete the circle instead of taking the highway…

During the way back we stopped three more times, each of us commenting that we had no more time for stopping...! I suggest visiting the lakes to anyone ever going to Salzburg, even for one day…

Reaching downtown, we parked and sat by the river, to have a bite, just to stop our hanger, to have more time to travel.

Two are the elements characterizing the city from old times, giving finally its name! The mineral salt, which gave wealth to the city (in German: Salz ) and the castle which always protected the city ( in German: Burg ).

We started our walk from the main walkway of the city, preserved in a great condition. In 1996 it was announced by UNESCO, as a monument of world civil heritage! Reaching the main square, we saw two tourists playing chess on a large painted chessboard on the street, with large pones. Next to them, a band was playing Austrian tunes, gathering more tourists around. At the center of the square, there was a large gold ball, and at the top of it , a small man facing the castle, stand.

Following the rising road, we took the cable-railway to the top of the castle, with the name Hohensalzburg, one of the main attractions of the city. The first thing you must do when entering, is to head to the side of the city, so you can enjoy it amphitheatrically! In the castle there are several buildings to wonder around. The first one we visited was a puppet museum. Next was the war museum, with several weapons and uniforms at seen, as well as enactment of battles in machetes of natural size. On the way back, I took my chances on targeting with weapons of those times….successfully!

On our way back we passed by the statue of Mozart, the well known composer, since Salzburg is his birth place, and this is of great importance for the locals. His name is given in many products made here, such as licker and chocolate. On the main street of the old town, is his birth place, which is turned into a museum, nowadays. Among the things we saw, were his cradle, his first piano, his first concert ticket…Very impressive was the sealing of one of the rooms, on which was the machete of Salzburg!

Next, we passed the bridge to the other side of the river, heading to the gardens of the Mirabell palace. We saw several impressive gardens along our trip, but this was something else…After walking around for a while we sat on a small bench to rest. Around us Austrians where enjoying the peacefulness of the park, having a break from everyday life, listening to an accordion playing what else….valsh!

With little strength left, and not more time for further sightseeing, we headed to the center of the old town, where we had dinner and sat on a fine bar on the river, to have a drink, before heading back to the hotel. Looking at the river from this specific spot, you had the illusion that you were on a moving boat, because the current was quite strong.

The drinks were finished, and so were our trip…The feeling of sorrow was strong, but could not impose itself on our joy, with all the memories we kept….So with these thoughts on our mind, we returned to the hotel to pack our things, since in the morning we depart for Venice.