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San Remo - Genova - Sta. Margerita - Rapallo - Portofino - Verona

Trip Details

Road Trip 2005 I
Date: Wed, 13/07/2005
Distance: 524 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Christos, Ploumisti, Nikos(TDM900), Vangelis(CBR600)
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

13 July 2005 :We woke up early, as we would cover many kilometers. Indispensably we should use the Italian autobahn from one point. Before we left, we wanted to go to Luca’s and his sister’s cafe, to thank them for their help and drink our morning cappuccino.The cafe is found on the central road of the city. When we were outside the cafe, Luca’s sister came out smiling and waved to stop. We parked the bikes somewhere offhandedly and sat at the little tables of the cafe. Either the cappuccino, or the croissant were fabulous and we suggest to taste them if you ever been to San Remo. After a while Luca came and gave us the chance to know him better. Luca is an old biker, due to the family obligations had stopped that hobby for a while…We talked for the trip and some other stuff, until a policeman was ready to give us tickets for illegal parking! We greeted and thanked the guys and started for Genova.

We departed from San Remo about 10.00am. The road was in a good condition, but with many turns and always coast road. Besides the traffic, our rhythm was good. Until Genova, our opinion for the Italian Riviera started to change. Imperia, Diano-Marina, Laigueglia, Allasio are some beautiful Italian tourist resorts. About 2.00pm. we entered Genova. The traffic was increased and the weather cloudy for good! Facing the city from the port, you discovered a beauty that you don’t meet in other cities-ports. As we had reached early in Genova, we decided to visit the area of Santa Margherita and the known Portofino that were only 30km. away. We followed the signs to Nervi and just before getting out of the city, we wore our waterproof, because it started heavy rain.

Just before Santa Margherita, the rain stopped. At the central square of the village, we turned left and visited Rapallo. A known Italian resort. We searched somewhere to eat, but nothing, as the restaurants closed at 2.00pm. and opened again at 7.00pm. We left for Portofino that was only 7km. away. After Santa Margherita the road for the famous becomes very narrow, but the destination is superb.

When we arrived the municipal policeman forced us to park our bikes at the open parking. This small village is build at the edge of a cliff and constitutes a famous tourist destination. Luxurious yachts dock at its small port. We had learned that there was the country house of the Prime Minister of Italy, Berluskoni. We walked at its small port and tried to find somewhere to eat. For our good luck, we found a small restaurant with “pannini”(sandwitch), as it started raining once again.

We departed at noon and went to Rapallo, as we wanted to enter to the autostrada. We decided to stay the night in Verona, as we wanted to be near to Venice. We travelled to autostrada for about 300km. Following the route: Genova (A12) – Milano (A7) – Piacenza (A21) – Brescia (A21) – Verona (A4).

We arrived at Verona about 10.00pm. troubled for where we would spent the night. The centre was closed due to the show that was happening at Arena. We violated a prohibit sign to park at the exact behind of it, a policeman came to make us remark… finally we ended taking us to the Youth Hotel of the city!!!

Unfortunately its rules reminded us more for minors detention home than a hotel, so we went at the centre for something better. Due to the opera, the most of them were full and hardly found one near the castle at 40euro/per person… We settled our stuff and went out to find something to eat. Fortunately, we found a guy from India that made marvelous kebab! Before returning we tour for a while at the centre of Verona, looking at some sights. Our tour continued the next morning at the day light, before leaving for Venice that was only 106km away.