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Dijon - Avignon

Trip Details

Road Trip 2005 I
Date: Sun, 10/07/2005
Distance: 522 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Christos, Ploumisti, Nikos(TDM900), Vangelis(CBR600)
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti, Vangelis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

10 July 2005 :We got up about 9.00am. and started packing. About 10.00am. left the hotel and went to a central square that the receptionist suggested, for our morning coffee. Sat at an open air cafe, under the sounds of a strange instrument with bells that was at the square. The weather combined sun and wind, although the weather predictions warned us for rain at the area we were about to travel…

About 11.00am. started following the signs to Beaune and Chalon sur Saone, always following the green signs. At that way we met many vineyards, from those produced the known wines of the area. After the town of Tournus, turn left at the bridge and followed the signs to Bourg-En-Bresse. With that way we wanted to avoid the regional of Lyon which we have heard the worst about the traffic. That detour didn’t appear bad because of the spectacular French view that we met. We followed the green signs to Grenoble.

The weather was started being worst at the way we headed. Entering the village of Champier, started raining, so we found a good excuse to stop for a coffee. Entered at one cafe from those that were on the road. It smelled like a distillery…3 people drank wine with the barman…With a few French that we knew – as Ploumisti had not entered yet - communicated for 5 coffees and sandwiches. From the window we could see the heavy rain… After an hour had passed the rain stopped and the sun appeared! The sky was clear from there…

At the village Frette, we saw a sign to Valence bis green with yellow. We followed it even at the beginning we had planned to go to Grenoble. Afterwards we realized that the signs with bis, were secondary country road that wasn’t bad, but we wanted to reach quickly so we couldn’t follow that road. Then we continued to Annonay, as we wanted to reach the national road of Lyon-Valence (N86). After we found N86, leaded to Valence and Montelimar. The road from that point until near Orange at many points it traveled alongside with a river. The way was very beautiful but with some traffic… There we met the first roadblock of the police!

We headed with no stops and delays as we wanted to get as southern as possible. We passed by the impassive towns of Mornas and Orange before reaching Avignon, where we decided to stop for coffee and food. When we entered the old city of Avignon, subconsciously we tried to find excuses to stay. A very warm cultural atmosphere! Everywhere shows… Avignon was the place of Pope’s deportation at the past – if deportation is like that send me for ever there!!!- While in our days it consists one of the most famous cultural cities of Europe. We tour a lot inside the city and returned at the place we parked our bikes to decide where to eat.

At the exact opposite of us was a Lebanese restaurant, “Le Byblos”. We said to try its cookery. During our order, Christos request for “airan” was the reason to met the owner. “Airan” is a companion drink of the Arabs. The guy at the restaurant the last time that he made it was 6 months ago, when some friends of his, bikers came from Lebanon! He was willing to make just for us and treated us Lebanese salad “fatus”. Next we had the chance to talk with him about our trip.

The time was 11.30pm. and we decided to stay the night to Avignon. At the tourist guides that we had, saw that was one of the hotels of Formule 1. We asked him where it was and he gave us a map of the city with the hotel marked, that was at the entrance of the city and he was willing to phone to ask if there were free rooms. We thanked the friendly Lebanese and took a picture… another confirmation of the good relation that the Greeks have with the Arab world!

We reached the hotel about 00.30pm., there were rooms and a pale open air parking. The price was 12euro/per person, common bathrooms and small rooms, but it was what we were looking for to spend the night. Manolis, Christos and Ploumisti, sat a little before getting to bed to talk about the next day’s route…