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Venice - Trento

Trip Details

Road Trip 2005 I
Date: Sun, 03/07/2005
Distance: 177 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Christos, Ploumisti, Nikos(TDM900), Vangelis(CBR600)
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti, Vangelis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

3 July 2005 :We woke up about 9.00 am and bound to the ship’s coffee shop for our morning coffee. From the windows you could see Venice. The ship slow down it’s speed. Entering the harbour, we could see the featuring buildings of the city, as from the ship we could hear a small description of some sight.

About 10.00am opened the ship’s door...our emotion mixture! There we realize that the journey to Europe was a fact! The weather was good and the temperature increased, despite the expected rain. When we got out of the ship, we settle our things and move on to Piazza di Roma. Got out of the port, went to the central bridge, turn to the right and in about 100m. was the square. Arriving there, you will see a big closed parking. We don’t suggest you to go there because it’s very expensive-20 euro a bike (the same with the cars). Move on a little bit and find an open parking, that on it’s right side, there is a red building that is also a parking. It’s owner is a very nice guy and the price is 5 euro!!! Big difference!!! We left there our staff with not a problem. It’s very exhausting to bring them with you if you want to sightsee Venice…

Venice is one of the famous cities of the world. You can sightsee on foot in it’s canal or using the gondols-bargain for the price. There are dissimilar small streets that end up to narrow bridges above dirty canals. Others end up nowhere. Also Venice is known from the more than 200 church. There are a lot of bazaar that are crowded on the central roads.

Entering the canals, we followed the signs, so we could find the Piazza San Marco, the central square, one of the great sight of the city, but first went to the wooden bridge Ponte Della Accademia. The square considered from Napoleon the most beautiful design of Europe. After had walked already 40 minutes, sit and enjoy our coffee in the known “Florian”. Capuccino cost 7 euro+5 euro in case that the band has already started playing!!!

Afterwards we bound to the basiliki of Saint Marco and to the very tall (99m.) bell-room Campanile turn right to the Grand canal. There we found the 2 pole, one of them had the wing lion, symbol of the city. Also we met the famous "Bridge of the upset" (ponte dei Sospiri). The bridge took its name from the upset prisoners that tried to find their path to the dungeon.

It was really hot! We found bridge Rialto from the signs that exist there. This bridge is found near the square of Saint Marco. After we took some photos, reached at the point that was the fish market (Pescaria). Rest ourselves a little bit and then followed the signs to Piazza di Roma, went to the parking lot from a different way... I believe that is impossible for a tourist to follow the same course, so can find a particular destination. The sign that exist may lead you, but in many cases making cycles…maybe that way is better because you may find more from the beauty of this city!

The time was 15.00 and decided to leave the beautiful Venice. We’ve planned to stay somewhere to the way to Austria. After some discussions with the owner of the parking and his suggestion at his map, said to stay the night to Trento, 170km away. We would took the destination Superstrada (SS) and not Autostrada (A) Either to avoid toll, or to enjoy the country. In Italy, the green signs represent Autostrada and the blue Superstrada. We followed the way SS13 to Trevizo and than turn to Scorze and than to Castelfranco. When we passed Castelfranco , followed the way to Rosa and Balsano, until we found SS47, a main road.

From there the destination until Trento was fabulous. Either the sights or the condition of the road, mad us not to realize the kilometers that gone. What took us by surprise was the big number of bikes on the opposite direction!!! At the beginning we thaught that there was an international meeting but afterwards we ended at the conclusion that was a typical Italian weekend!!!

Just before we reached at Trento , passed between 2 lakes (Caldonazzo & Levico) and a bit later we found traffic jam. About 19.00 we were in the center of the city of Trento. Passing in front of the bus station that was in the central square of the city, turn right after the 2o flash light to discuss about hotel . For our good luck, we have stopped in front of a youth guest house Ostello della Gioventu! Got inside Christos and Ploumisti. There were rooms 15 euro/per person and a parking that was guarded!

Without second thaught we stayed. The condition of the rooms was very good. After resting a little bit and wash up, we decided to visit the city although it was dark to eat something. Asked the lady in the reception and she recommended an Italian restaurant 2 blocks away… from the few open at that hour! It is something you should watch abroad so not to be hungry!

Trento is a small town, peaceful and with a lot of green. Surrounded of mountains and deserve the effort to stay the night in case you are around. After we enjoyed for the first time genuine Italian food – spaggeti and pizza – turn back to the hotel to rest… Nice the first day abroad!