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Ancona - Firenze

Trip Details

Road Trip 2009 II
Date: Sat, 15/08/2009
Distance: 352km
Motorcyclists: Vangelis
Copilots: Lena
Photographers: Vangelis
Authors: Vangelis, Lena
Translators: Vangelis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The ferry finally embarked at Ancona’s port around 15:30. Getting out of Jadrolinija ferry, we greeted each other very fast, since Sakis and Giorgos Z. were in a hurry to catch their next ferry for the way back to Igoumenitsa. The plan for me and Lena was a little bit different: We would keep on touring in Italy for 3 more days, having as a first destination, the city of Firenze. So we wore the motorcycle clothing and followed the A14 highway, en route to Bologna. The route was dull with lots of traffic, since it was Saturday noon. Reaching the outer ring of Bologna, we followed the final route to Firenze, while kept on moving on the highway, which from this place and on was becoming more interesting, since the tunnels were interchanging one after the other, through a graphical rising route in between mountains.

Around 19:30 we were getting closer to Firenze and what was left to do was to get out of the highway and find our hotel, which was on a suburban called Scandicci. Due to construction works, we were forced to follow some detours, which made us to get lost, while searching for the hotel. After many questions to the nearby pedestrians, which unfortunately nobody knew to answer in English, a lot of sweat, a lot of stress in case we didn’t find it, many phone calls to the hotel staff, just in case they could come and pick us up, we managed to find it. The hotel – farm – mansion was located on a beautiful hill at Scandicci suburban and as we discovered, so much suffering was definitely worth it. A beautiful mansion of the 15th century, built inside a farm, modified so that it could accommodate tourists on its autonomous houses, located into the quietness of the hill, far but at the same time very close to the city of Firenze. We took a bath and sat at the beautiful porch which was located at the garden of our hose, staring at the scenery. The tiredness of the trip was all over us so we decided to stay at the house and visit Firenze the next morning.