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Dubrovnik – Mostar

Trip Details

Road Trip 2009 II
Date: Mon, 10/08/2009
Bosnia, Croatia
Distance: 189km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Vangelis, Giorgos Z.
Copilots: Lena
Photographers: Giorgos Z., Vangelis
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

We woke up early after we did not want to lose the occasion to make the tour of the old city through its walls, the most characteristic trait of the historical city of Dubrovnik that determines its physiognomy. The walls were built systematically in the difficult periods of the permanent danger of the city and have been maintained up to the present day, thus are still functional! Its length is 1940m. and encircles the city. This complex structure is constituted by a line of fortresses, rampant and towers. The cost of tour was 7euro/per person and it deserves a lot, after the view is fascinating! Also precisely opposite from Dubrovnik you can distinguish a very beautiful islet called Lokrum! You can visit it by boat, but we did not have the time! From what we learned it exists enough small islets in the region!

Something else that I want to report is that in Croatia usually they do not accept credit card, but you can pay almost everywhere with Euro, except of course from public services (Post office)! Therefore it would be good you have certain money in the local currency (Kunas)!

It was already 11am and we left hastily with final destination the city of Mostar. We took way north-eastern to Trebinje, after we wanted to avoid a lot of borders in the coastal way, something that would mean also big delay! In the first borders Croatia - Bosnia Herzegovina we did not meet fortunately the least delay and with joy we continued, leading henceforth to mountainous way without any traffic. Until Trebinje, the way does not have something particular. Reaching there we saw a beautiful square for coffee, but because the pressure of the time we continued left to Stolac. There you see henceforth evidently the Moslem element. A lot of minarets, they coexist with Christian churches. Then, before we reach in Mostar, we went to Caplina and concretely to the beautiful waterfalls of Slap Cravica! The natural landscape was astonishing, with a lot of waterfalls leading to a lake that then became river. The temperature was gone up, thus in the region had too much people that enjoyed taking a swim. Like them, we did not lose the occasion to make a dive in its spotless and frozen waters. We also drank a beer in a canteen that existed. Then we left for Mostar, after the time had passed and we did not want to get dark.

Entering in the city of Mostar, immediately you understand the creepy touch of the war, seeing buildings having suffered enormous damage, as also marks even from bullets in the walls! Later we realised that the passage of war it appeared and in the eyes of the residents despite their effort to serve us!!! Anyway, we find again easily our hotel, which was said Pellegrino and the cost of stay was 30euro/per person. Afterwards from two hours rest, we came out in order to explore the city. Certain first we made a stop for food, in a concrete restaurant, that they had recommended to us with very beautiful local foods. The particular city has a characteristic landmark, it is separated from the river Neretva! What separates also the religious convictions of the people that live in it. We were found in the Moslem side, the other was christian! It exist a lot of bridges that connect henceforth harmoniously the two sides, but one distinguish as sight the city, the old bridge that was built from stone. Actually it is not old, after its explosion in the last war, it was built again. It however was built as it was at the past and this is why they continue calling it “old”. Approaching it and after it had fallen the dark, we reached for our big surprise in one very beautiful  stone foot walk with very beautiful buildings built from Ottomen. In all the way up to old bridge, but also on the other side, exist beautiful tourist shops. We did not forget to have a drink in one beautiful bar with view, what other, the very beautiful lighted bridge. Something last, in Bosnia henceforth the currency is Marc.