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Igoumenitsa – Bari – Castel del Monte

Trip Details

Road Trip 2009 II
Date: Fri, 07/08/2009 to Sat, 08/08/2009
Distance: 52km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Vangelis, Giorgos Z
Copilots: Lena
Photographers: Vangelis, Giorgos Z.
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


For one more summer my vacations would be for a few days. A negative factor for excurcion in the abroad. For many years I tried it but always something happened and I did not accomplish it. Nevertheless, with the incentive of my friends, Vangelis and Giorgos Z., and destination relatively near, we saw that it can become the dream, reality! The group was composed from Giorgos Z., Vangelis, Lena, and Sakis. From them, only Vangelis had travelled abroad with a bike. The countries that would entertain us, other much and other little, were the following: Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina. The kilometres that were covered 2400km!!!


7 August 2009

The boat from Igoumenitsa left in 10pm. The meeting had been given in the national road Korinthos - Patras in the height of Ancient Korinthos in 16:30. The heat was intolerable but we did not have time for rest. We should anticipate the boat. Finally at 9pm. we entered in the harbour of Igoumenitsa and faced the one and unique boat in the harbour. Making fan we said that this boat did not reach nor up to Corfu! But however this was the boat that would take us up to Bari and we realised it, of course, at the control of tickets. We remained speechless. It was the worst boat that I have travelled, it is very old, with minimal places and car-ferry. The only positive was the food. Its name is EUROTRADE of Ventouris Lines! Anyway, the disposal of the group did not spoil with anything, after it had very little people, we had also bigger comfort in we stretch out our sleeping bags and sleep. 


8 August 2009

We woke up early, we drank coffee and discussed for our experience with this boat! After two hours popped up the Italian coasts! At 11am we stepped in Bari. The joy was big! The dream became reality ! The travel just now began !

After we came out from the boat, we decided to make a tour in the around region. Our destination was Castel del Monte in a distance of 52 km. We took the SS96 up to Modugno and afterwards turned right in the SP231, left in the 234 and afterwards led to the castle. The way up to there was enough beautiful and reminded us of Greece, after we passed from regions or with a lot of green, or with low vegetation. The quality of asphalt was mediocrity after in other points is new and elsewhere has patches. The castle Del Monte was impressive; it could be distinguished from distance, after it is found in the top of a vert hill.

Reaching we left the bikes in a free parking and from there buses took you until the castle. The cost of transport is 0,50euro/per person and the entry in the castle 6euro/per person. The castle externally is in the most excellent situation and in the interior sees various exhibits. It was built from the Roman emperor Frederick the 2nd, between 1240 and 1250ac. and has suffered pillage of its internal marbles and furniture in the next centuries. It does not have nor a ditch and actually never it had not been intended as defensive fortress, but mainly it was used as a residence for hunting which was lived by Frederick, up to his death, in 1250ac. It was later changed in a prison, it was used as shelter at the duration of the plague, and devolved finally to the wreckage. The fortress is an octagon prism, with an octagon of rampant in each corner. Something not nice is that all the plates are in the Italian language!

Returning in Bari at 4pm, we went for coffee to the coastal street of the city and little later we searched to find a restaurant in order to dine! But useless, all opened afterwards 7,30pm. It was something which we did not like after we have learned differently. Anyway, we asked desperately a taxi driver, we learned for fast food and without hesitation we visited it! The city of Bari, the little interval that we visited it, except the harbor, is enough beautiful, with neoclassic buildings, beautiful castle and an old city inside the wall with many alleys.  Something else that it should be reported is that the drivers want particular attention!