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Travnik - Banja Luka

Trip Details

Road Trip 2009 II
Date: Wed, 12/08/2009 to Thu, 13/08/2009
Distance: 134 km.
Motorcyclists: Giorgos Z, Sakis, Vangelis
Copilots: Lena
Photographers: Giorgos Z, Vangelis
Authors: Giorgos Z.
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Taking the street to the city of Banja Luca we were accompanied by a hot sun that makes the beautiful, green all around and with many turns, way very enjoyable for the rider. The landscape continues in the same pattern with the previous day. Verdant mountainsides at both sides it delimit the street, which in its big interval was accompanied by the river Neretva. Passing from the city Jajce it deserves someone to see its beautiful waterfall and the graphic houses that compose it. The waterfall which is found in the contribution of two rivers emanated from the subsidence of the one, creating thus a splendid geological phenomenon.

Approaching in Banja Luca, the landscape with the relief of the region changes, being softer and flat. It does not cease however it exceedingly maintains the various nuances of green that accompanied us for a lot of kilometers. The river that up to a while ago was impetuous and was offered for games with canoe - kayak, now is wider and calm giving the possibility in the local to be refreshed in its banks, enjoying its enchanting landscape.

The locality  in which is built Banja Luca is a big plateau, giving thus the occasion for an urban enlargement to all directions. This has as resulting from the relaxed layout with big streets and wider pavements but also a lot of green. Its population is 30.000 residents and is constituted at a big percentage from orthodox Christians.

In the centre of the city exists the castle, which is built in the banks of river Neretva. Gone around by imposing trees is erected on a natural elevation giving a medieval tinge at the place. Even if it does not allocate sophisticated architecture and fortress manufacture it deserves to be visited and to enjoy coffee above in the walls with view the river and the city.

A good way in order to wander in the city is the walk on the beautiful shaped pavements with the rich green element. Near to the castle exists an impressive church while in a small distance is also being found the parliament, and the two buildings are of particular architectural beauty.