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Salihli – Sart – Aphrodisias – Pamukkale

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 I
Date: Tue, 22/07/2008
Distance: 310 km.
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Elias
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Our very kind friends prepared us the traditional Turkish breakfast, made by: bread, tomato, cucumber, cheese, olives, egg, batter and homemade jam. Around 10:00 us and Serdar (he was going to work), we said good bye to Sukran and we gave each other e-mails and addresses. We promised that we will meet again next time at Greece or Turkey. After saying many thanks for their hospitality we left to Sart (Sardes).
The archeological site was impressing and very well kept. Maybe the best kept site till that time. Around 1-2km away was the temple of Artemida. It was huge but not very well kept like the site of Sart. The ticket price for each of those sites was 2YTL/person.

We left going south. The heat was high ones more. The ride was monotonous. Fields with tomatos, potatoes, water melons etc. Just before Buldan we pasted through granaries and a lake.

Our next stop was Aphrodisias, south west of the town Denizli (110km). The ride was going through pine-trees that gave us a few moments of chill. In Turkey you can find sources with cold water in most of the roads. Aphrodisias (ticket price: 2,5YTL/bike, 8YTL/person) was a surprise because of the number of the statues in the museum. Very impressive sites were the temples, the main gate, the stadium, the baths, the market, the theater that was in the outside space. It is sure worth to visit.

At the afternoon we left to Pamukkale (120km) just after Denizli. We want to be there before the setting of the sun. You can take some very nice photos. We just managed to arrive on time. We could make it earlier if the employees of the local hotels didn’t disturb us!

Pamukkale (ticket price: 10YTL/person) is one of the most impressive sites of Turkey! Pamu-kale means castle of cotton. The site was unique! Close is Hierapolis, agent Roman bath town. Today you can find there a swimming pool, but by the time we arrived it was closed.

We finally arrived in AltinYunus Motel (40YTL/double room & breakfast), one of the many hotels in the territory. Most of them had swimming pools with curative waters. Pamukkale doesn’t have many restaurants. It’s better to eat in a hotels restaurant.

The site of the Global Heritage is one of the best in Turkey. The sure thing is that you can seat and enjoy the setting of the sun without knowing how the time passes…