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Pamukkale – Yatagan – Sagalassos – Egirdir

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 I
Date: Wed, 23/07/2008
Distance: 292 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Elias
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The journey started to be more colourful. We finally left Pamukkale, although we wanted to stay one more day, but we were having a long way ahead of us.
We visited the village Yatagan, famous for the construction of swords. It was 40-50km away of Pamukkale, to the way for Atalya. Oytun Pinar told us about this village, a friend, rider from Izmir, told us “To meet the local people; you will need only 10 minutes” and he was true.

Reaching the square and wandering around the village, a police officer came to us. He asked from where we are and he invited us for a coffee or tea. By the time we seat at the coffee shop 2-3 people that knew English came and seat with us. We managed to speak. They gave us little knifes as a gift and they told us about the yearly festival that was on at August (1-3). They invited us to take part at the festival but unfortunately our travel plan was deferent. We promised to do that one other time. We were lucky to meet the man that organizes the festival and to visit a little museum above the police station. I have to say that the police officer escorted us to the exit of the village and told us how to go to Burdur!!! He was very kind.

Following the signs to Burdur we passed the lake Salda Golu. The ride was fantastic. The pine-trees and the blue water of the lake look like a frame. From there and until the first cross road to Sagalassos, the ride was boring. Driving for around 40km, we arrived at Aglasun. From there the road was narrow with many windings (10km) and leads to the old town of Sagalassos (ticket price: 4YTL/person), located on the top of a mountain.

We were lucky because the head of excavations was there. Dirk Menten from Belgium. He was happy to show us around the place. He informed us about the history of the old town and explained us the work of excavations and the technology of rebuilding. He guided us for more than one hour. He was really proud about his work.

Around 18:00 we left for Isparta, and after that for Egirdir, for which we heard very good things. The ride from Aglasun to Isparta was impressing. The town of Egirdir was build next to the lake Egirdir Golu. The most impressing place is the little island Yesilada. 

This was the place were we passed the night, at the quiet pension Pansion Sehsuvar-Peace (50YTL/double room & breakfast). The owner was a very nice old man. His father was from Thessaloniki. The communication with him was at Turkish language and with signals. But everything was ok. We ate dinner at the lake admiring the colours of the sunset.