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Sinop - Amasra

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 I
Date: Sun, 24/08/2008
Distance: 336 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

We woke up and went down in the corner confectionery for our breakfast. You see our “luxurious” hotel (I make a joke…) it did not allocate! The sweets were tastiest, fresh and relatively cheap. As we occupied, he made them himself. With difficulty I accomplished to make Ploymisti leave from the cakes of the window!

At 10am. we left and decided to follow the coastal way up to Amasra. Leaving Sinop we follow the plates for Hamsilos and Ince Burun. The way passed beside the airport and continued alongshore. In the region they were found the beaches that constitute the decoration of Sinopis and the pole of attraction for the tourists. For this reason we met a lot of lodgings and camping.
Continuing, the landscape was becoming more beautiful and with more vegetation while we entered in a pinewood. There we found ourself in a small graphic bight, that the local fishermen had manufactured a small Marina. The landscape was idyllic. The street led to impasse. We were compelled to return to the airport until we found the carrefour - without labelling for Ayancik. We turned right, without knowing if we had taken the correct street…

The way – initially - passed from a region with tally plane and impressive cedars. The street was good and comfortable. Quickly, however, it began to narrow with the situation of paving to be under the mediocre. Unfortunately the road had many big turns, fact that did not allow us to move comfortably and our medium speed did not exceed 40-50km per hour!! Even if the traffic was minimal, we met lorries and buses that with difficulty fitted in the “microscopic” street!
The tourist growth was minimal and was limited in certain coastal villages, as Ayancik, Turkeli, Abana, Inebolu… There existed inns and camping and beaches with sandy beach. In the bigger length of the way that we followed, we did not meet beaches. The steep rocks did not allocate access in the small bights that were created.

The landscape and the panoramic view compensated you. Plane, pines, cedars, oaks, mulberries and a lot more trees - that I did not know their name composed a unique and unprecedented setting! The combination of the green of nature and the light blue sea had a marvelous result that reminded table of painting!

As testified the situation of road network, the lack of tourist growth, even the problematic cover of network of mobile telephony, the region was left in its chance! I cannot occupy why… If I exclude the bad street - because of the venturousness did not leave me the margin to be left in the magic of the landscape - the way was from the most beautiful that I had rode!

At 4.30pm we reached in incurious Cide. We filled our tanks with fuel and we made a few minutes stop for coffee in its beach. From there Amasra abstained 75km. Positive it was that the street presented a relative improvement - fortunately because we started to get tired - making the riding most comfortable. Impression made us the graphic, verdant - from pines bight of Gideros (13km. from Cide), that entertained one small idyllic small port.

At the afternoon (6.30pm.) we reached in the beautiful graphic city of Amasra. The street that led to this, offered a unique view from tally. The colors of the sunset created an astonishing spectacle! We directed in the centre and in the beach - Marina of the city. We led to set up our tent, making free camping, as “entertained” the householder of one from the coastal restaurants that allocated the beach. Be well the person that volunteered to serve us.

We tried the local cooker eating fishes. We made a small walk in the coastal road that was crowded. Amasra constitutes a small - but famous in Turkish people - tourist resort. Mainly at the Weekends is full of people that makes the prices go up and making difficult the recovery of lodging.
The evening passed in an open air bar that played also Greek music…