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Ioannina - Aristi - Vikos - Voidomatis bridge - Konitsa - Kakavia - Delvinaki - Kerasovo

Trip Details

Trips inside Epirus
Date: Wed, 16/06/2004
Distance: 215 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Christos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Motoriders club for once more visited the beautiful Epirus. This trip was the first trip with our club of the new member Christos who has a ΒΜW R1200 GS. Motoriders club welcomes him and wishes him good travelling.
This time we went to the North side. We started our route travelling to Konitsa. The first stop that we made was at Aristi village. If you want to visit Arist just turn right after Kalpaki and follow the sign for Papigo. At Aristi you can drink a coffee at the village’s square under a big sycamore. At the square, you will find an interjection. If you want to visit Papigo and Voidomatis bridge follow the downhill road. If you want to visit Vikos then you have to follow the left uphill road at the interjection. Vikos is only 3km from Aristi. At Vikos you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Vikos canyon. If you like canyons, then we recommend visiting also Monodentri.
Vikos is 3km away from aristi. At Vikos you can see a beautiful view of the canyon that exist there. In addition, you can also visit the canyon at Monodentri which is also beautiful.
After we enjoyed the view of the canyon, we continued our trip with destination the town of Konitsa. If you want to go there sooner you must turn right at the interjection at St. Minas where you will see the appropriate sign.
Before Konitsa we recommend you to visit the village Klidonia where you will see an old bridge which is built on the traditional architecture which exists in every bridge in the area. Next stop was at Konitsa. Motoriders club had visited Konitsa before but the view was different since then was wintertime. There you can enjoy your coffee at the hotel ‘Gefira’ (‘ΓΕΦΥΡΑ’) which has also a pool in case you want to go for a swim.
After we left Konitsa we decided to visit the frontier station of Kakavia which is next to Albania. At Kalpaki village we turned left and after 27 km we reached Kakavia’s custom control. The road is good with good road surface ans many open turns. Near the borders there are two villages which we visited Kerasovo and Delvinaki. Delvinaki is famous because of the fight conducted there. Delvinaki is only 7km away from the main road which connects Kalpaki to Kakavia. The road is narrow but with full to plant life. It is worth to visit the village since there is a beautiful church, springs and bust of heroes at the village’s plaza. Kerasovo is only 1km away from the main road polar to Delvikaki. Kerasovo does not have any important to offer.