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Monolithi camping - Acherodas river - Parga - Ligia - Zeros lake - Viron lake - Ioannina

Trip Details

Trips inside Epirus
Date: Wed, 04/08/2004
Distance: 255 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Nancy
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

On the 6th day of our tour we were at the west side of Ipeiros. Although it was the second time this summer that our club visited this area…there were places which we haven’t visited. One of these places was Acherodas river. If you want to reach Acherodas river, from the national road Igoumenitsa - Preveza you have to follow the signs to Nekromantio and after that you have to follow the road to Kanallaki. After Kanallaki the signs will guide you to the river. You will pass from the villages Narkissos, Mouzakaiika, Vouvopotamos and before village Gliki you will meet the river’s bridge; there you will turn right and about 1500m – at the end of the road – you will find a tavern with tables by the river.
There we left our motorcycles and we followed the path at the right side of the river. This path stops at a point; from that point we took off our shoes and we got in the river. We walked for a long distance…the landscape is unbelievably exquisite!!!
Our next stop was at Parga. Parga is one of the most beautiful places in Epirus. It gives you the sense that you are in an island…and a very picturesque one! If you visit Parga do not forget to see the old castle…and for swimming we suggest you to go at the back side of Parga, at the beach Valtos.
After Parga we continued our route and we stopped at the village Ligia to rest and eat something. There we found a very good tavern with view at the artificial port of the village. After our lunch we took the road to Ioannina but before arriving there we made two stops at two beautiful lakes. The Zeros and the Viron lake. The first one is very close to Filippiada and the second is 1 km after small village Terovo. In each one of them the view is exquisite. The way to Ioannina is very good too…the road passes through the woods and by the river Louros.
At night we stayed at Ioannina which is Manoli’s  father birth city. There we met George, a new member of our club, with the Suzuki GSX1400. George waited us with a grate surprise…he had made a flag with the logo of our club, which we promised to take to all our trips.
We thank him and via our website we welcome him to MotoRiders Club!