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Ioannina - Igoumenitsa - Sivota - Parga - Valtos - Nekromantio - Amoudia - Preveza - Zeros lake

Trip Details

Trips inside Epirus
Date: Mon, 21/06/2004
Distance: 346 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Christos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Motoriders Club on the biggest day of the year organized a trip on the west side of Epirus to visit some of the most recognizable places.
We started our trip early in the morning from Ioannina to Hgoumenitsa city making a distance of 92km. The route is ideally for the motorcyclists but not so good, for car drivers since there are many close turnings making difficult the overtaking. We recommend that you should not start early in the morning since at that time many ships arrive to Hgoumenitsa from Italy and disembark many trucks which you will meet in the road. Hgoumenitsa is a coastland town, however without anything significant to offer.
To the way to Parga city, you will find an intersection for Sivota city which is 15km far away. This city is a summer resort. We recommend visiting Sivota if you happen to be in the area. There are many beautiful beaches near the town that you should visit plus the beaches that are accessible only by boat. After we drank the first coffee of the day, we took the route for Parga via Perdika and Anthusa cities. The road of this route is good enough.
By puling in to Parga you will discover that this city is one of the most beautiful places of west Epirus and not only. Parga’s architecture has many similarities with many of our islands. Inside the city, you will find many slated alleys, white houses and many small stores. One of the city’s beautiful sights is the castle with an astonishing view. If you want to go for swim, you can choose between two beaches the one that exists opposite the Parga’s island and the Valtos beach. At Valtos beach, there are many places to drink your coffee. We recommend ‘TANGO’ as we believe is the best of all…
The next stop that we made after Parga is the ancient Necromancy. If you want to visit it, be advised that is open until 15:00 in the evening for the summer time. At the ancient times, votaries visit it in order to make contact with the dead people and find out the thinks to come from them. The votaries stayed days in dark labyrinthine rooms while they were fed with hallucinatory food. The excavations have shown mechanical structures that were used to move idols of ‘dead’ people in order to make impressions and the votary to feel that everything is true. It was forbidden to the votaries to reveal what they saw to the outside world.
Ammoudia is a coastland village where exists the outfalls of Acherodas river. Ammoudia is a nice village and is only 4km far from the main route of Parga to Preveza. The next stop that we made was Preveza. Preveza is 100km far from Igoumenitsa and Ioannina as well as 1km far from the underground tunnel that connects it with the Actio town. Preveza is just a coastland city without any considerable think to show.
The last stop that we made was at Lake Ziros. It is a magnificent place which is not known to many people although it is only 1km far from the national road which connects Arta to Ioannina. In particular after Filipiada town, you will find a place where there is a spring and 2 small stores. At this place, there is a sign that shows you the way to the Ziros Lake. The route is good, although for a small distance turns to a dirt road but in good condition. You should visit the lake since the scene is superb!