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Kuprulu Kanyon – Akseki – Beysehir – Yenisarbademli

Trip Details

Road Trip 2012 I
Date: Sun, 01/07/2012
Distance: 341km.
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Once I opened my eyes the first thing I heard was the water of the river. Eventually it was very good idea to stay overnight at the camping. I got up slowly and sat on the wooden bench that was next to the stage to write the diary by watching the Eurymedon River. A few people had awakened. As time passed, one to one went out of their tents. Fortunately the trees were offered good shade in the tents, so you can wake up later. Soon the guys woke and together we sat chatting for the onward journey.

This day did not provide visit to many attractions. We drove mountain trails, covering kilometers to the data of our journey to that moment. For this reason, we are not interested to leave early, so got ready and in a more relaxed pace. The place had a restaurant where we ate our breakfast. In general the prices were somewhat pinched respect to those you would expect in such a place, not tourist. The tourists were mainly Turks who came with their supplies to make rafting or just swim in the river.

About 12 we departed towards the Manavgat, located in the coastal region about 50-60km before Alanya. Through the tortuous path (44km) - not so good road surface - passing through a spectacular area with pine, we returned to the coastal highway connecting the cities of Antalya-Alanya. We moved for about 30-40km a street on indifferent, which had somewhat increased traffic. Along, there were many tourist resorts (the road does not pass through them).

Arriving at Manavgat, we followed the signs to Beysehir, Seydisehir, Akseki. Essentially this way, we leave behind the coastal belt and began to climb in elevation of Mount Taurus. The trail initially crossed piney areas became denser as it continues. The state of the road surface is relatively good. Having traveled about 50km. we found the intersection to Akseki. We said to visit it, thinking that because of the altitude, possibly it had some architectural interest. Nevertheless it was a simple village, without peculiarities. Interest-only-had some old houses that were built in the traditional architecture of the region: stone, exalted, with the wooden top and painted with bright colors.

We returned to the main road and continued to march north to the shaft leading to Seydisehir. The landscape now, included towering firs. The temperature had dropped a little and the cool breeze made us driving enjoyable. The altitude was 1.000-to 1.200m. Many places offered a unique view of the surrounding area!

At about 10km.we met the intersection to Beysehir and turned left. From there the route was most impressive and it reached the altitude 1.450m. The vegetation in some places was more dense, and mainly composed of very tall firs and pines. Along encounter sources of running water, which in most locals had stops for food and rest. In one of these sources, we stopped.

The road conditions were good. It needed, however, some attention as part of the road had patches. Approaching the highest point of the route, we met with gravel road for about 5-6km. Apparently, it was in the process of rebuilding. Luckily while crossing it, we never met other vehicles that would carry dust. Because we were loaded, driving like a little extra attention. Fortunately everything went well. The scenery was really impressive, wherever you look!

Shortly after the gravel before the village Bademli, the road was cut off due to the road works. We took a detour to the parallel - to that we drove by that time - path leading to Beysehir, through the village Derebucak. Until you get to this village, the road was narrow and not in such good condition. We went on, however, through a rocky area quite impressive! The driving required attention because of the scarcity.

Arriving at the village of Derebucak, we followed the road to Beysehir with the help of some guys that we ask. The village was traditional. Most homes and townhouses were built with traditional architecture. In the square stands a mosque that stood out from the other buildings of its size and magnificence.

It is worth to mention that in the villages through which we passed thought that the time had stopped. The men muse in the cafes and women - almost all wore headscarves - sat outside the doors of their homes and talked among themselves. The kids greet us. The truth is that the difference was perceived in relation to the seaside – tourist - zone country. Among other things, we had now entered the prefecture of Konya, considered one of the most conservative societies in Turkey.

Moving at an altitude of 1.300, we passed the village of Uzumlu and after a few kilometers, we saw the mighty lake of Beysehir golu, the largest lake in "the lakes region" and the third largest in Turkey. In its west features a wetland and the name derives from the homonymous city located in the south end. We headed there, and we wanted to visit 1-2 sites and to make currency.

The quiet Beysehir hosts the Esrefoglu Mosque built in 1296-1299 and is a real gem. The specificity is the wooden interior decoration with 48 columns and bihrab with colored tiles. Admission is free. We took our shoes off and visited the interior, admiring the unique wooden decor. This is considered the most beautiful mosque in Anatolia.

Within walking distance is the dam of the lake and the impressive stone bridge with the continuous arches. It has a system of water flow regulation dam. On the shores of the lake residents of the town enjoyed moments of relaxation by watching the sunset. There are some shops, but not creating touristic climate in the region. Some, indeed, have offered to have lunch with them. We politely refused, as we wanted to go a few more kilometers until the point that you stay overnight.

The time had come 7pm. when we started on the west side of the lake. There exists a natural park and some small villages. We assumed, therefore, that we could find an accommodation. We defined our destination Yenisarbademli (50 km).

The route was relatively good with a lot of speed. In many places, however, the road conditions were not good. In others the road was narrow (barely fit to pass a vehicle). This resulted in not being able to move rapidly. The scenery was beautiful and the lakeside road. Having started getting dark we arrived originally at the village of Kurucaova. Personally I expected a rudimentary tourist development. It was instead a real Turkish village. No trace of tourism. The houses were old houses, paved roads ... Naturally for accommodation not a chance  ... We continued to Yenisarbademli. I was hoping there would be a better situation, and from there begin those who want to visit a lake located on a plateau.

Entering the village we stopped to look at the situation. Almost, the same as the previous one. We saw a sign leading to Egirdir (70km) and began our ideas come to start that way. At that moment we were approached by a local willing to help us. He spoke only Turkish and German (probably former immigrant). We asked him for specific street and told us that: «... motorcycles OK ..." This could mean anything! Having seen the condition of the road until that time, we did not want to risk anything. Surely it would be difficult and if we were caught by the night, it would be dangerous! So we entered the village.

From a distance we could see a red building that read «Pansione Pinar Gozu». We headed there as it was – probably –the unique - hopefully - accommodation in the village, perhaps the area! Once we got there a guy welcomed us all by handshake one by one and asked us what we wanted. When we told him that we wanted rooms, he put us to the desk of the hotel and offered us to sit down, as the owner would return in 10 minutes. I would like to mention that the whole concert was in... Turkish!

Soon the owner came, who knew little English. We colluded to 40TL per person for 2 rooms with breakfast and dinner. Naturally though the area did not predispose for something tasty, we had no other option. Everything in the village was closed (time was 8.30pm) and who knows when they say «restaurant» what they meant!

Eventually the room was beyond our expectations. Although the exterior was not in positive predisposal, the rooms were decent with the only negative that smelled a little musty... At 9.30pm we went to eat chicken with rice and soup that he prepared. When we asked if the restaurant had beer he replied negatively, as it doesn’t allow the religion. It was the first time that i met it in Turkey...