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Sirince – Cesme

Trip Details

Road Trip 2012 I
Date: Mon, 09/07/2012
Distance: 158km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The last day of the trip dawned, as we were going to spend our afternoon in Chios. I usually do not say "end of trip" as I believe that the journey is not over, not even when you return home. As time passes, the more you realize and "digest" the images and emotions of the trip.

The accommodation did not included breakfast, so we got ready to find something in one of the restaurants in the village. The time was already 9am when we started and most shops were just opened. Some people were walking around and the village looked completely different than that of yesterday. We went into the market and follow the cobblestone street; we were at a restaurant near the church of St. John. We sat in the courtyard overlooking the village. We could watch the kitchen in front of us and we had the opportunity to see the women preparing breakfast. The products they had to use were in front of them and each one of them had her own job. “Koy kahveltesi", meaning "village breakfast", was the best we had experienced up to that time. The ingredients were fresh and delicious. Time was not pushing us, so we spent some time wondering around before taking the road back to our accommodation and get ready for departure.

At 12 o’clock we left the beautiful Sirince heading to Selcuk. From there we decided to follow the provincial coastal road to Cesme (160km), instead of monotonous highway. So, from Selcuk we took the road for Ephesus (Efes) and then to Seferihisar (80km). We were driving beyond the coastal route for most of the part. We met several beach resorts and beautiful beaches (at least so it seems from the road) that some were in small and picturesque bays. The pine trees and low bushes kept us company, giving a special beauty to the landscape. A negative was that, that day (Sunday) the traffic was heavy, so you could not enjoy the scenery. Moreover, most of the beaches were full of people and huts.

Having traveled in the part of south-western Turkey, I met much more beautiful routes to this pattern, and apparently this route was not very impressive for me. Moreover, in this crowded landscape all the magic was lost... A few kilometers before Seferihisar the road leaves the coast and moves north to the intersection of Cesme-Izmir highway and the coastal Guzelbahce (20km). This section of the route was indifferent and was-rather-monotonous because of the heat. Because we had time, we did not use the highway and followed parallel roads through town Urla (58km). The route originally followed the shoreline overlooking the bay Izmir & Gulbahce korfezi. Then -and almost until Cesme- we crossed piney areas and areas with little vegetation. Unquestionably, worth our choice!

Around 4.00pm we reached Cesme. We headed to the port, but the main road was closed due to an outdoor bazaar. At some points we had to pass through some alley just fitting our bikes... We managed to find the beach road, ending in front of the well-preserved fortress town. We parked our bikes and wear something lighter. Within walking distance was the office of the shipping company that would pass us to Chios Island. We checked in and began to wander the cobblestone street in the tourist part of town.

Basically the square-just outside the walls of the fortress is the start of a paved road which is the tourist / historical center. Lots of small souvenir shops and small restaurants situated along the road. We bought some souvenirs and gifts for friends then moored at one of the beachside cafes, waiting to pass the time. It was there that we heard Greek speaking after several days. Many people make day trips from Chios to Cesme expecting to get a taste of the neighboring country.

The time was approaching 7.00pm when we took the road to the customs office. The relatively procedures are simple and could possibly be even simpler, if the locals let things be like in other countries. So, we checked the passport control and then expect somebody from the shipping company to settle the procedure for the motorcycles. Big deal ... but anyway they must somehow justify the money they get. Shortly after 7.30pm we boarded on the same boat that brought us from Chios before 14 days. The return journey had begun...

After about 45 minutes, we were stepping into Greek territory. By an accelerated procedure we passed the check and went to the port. We had some time before we take the ship for Piraeus port (departing 10.00pm). We found a seaside tavern. Once we sat down to order, our ship entered the port. We did not have time for delays  ... and practically ate on feet and got into the ship ... We parked and settle our bikes and went to the living room deck to find a place to sit. People on board were not so many, so we had some comfort.

The ship departed on time... In everyone's mind had already begun the processing of the pictures of the trip... something that would continue for some time...