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Yenisarbademli – Pass Vali Cesmesi – Egirdir – Kovada Golu (Mili Park) – Sagalassos – Egirdir

Trip Details

Road Trip 2012 I
Date: Mon, 02/07/2012
Distance: 285km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The day consisted, for the most, routes. For this reason we were relaxed. Nevertheless, we were able to start relatively early for our condition... at 10am. We decided to get to Egirdir- where we spend the night-through the mountain trails, passing by Aksu (40km) and not to follow our original plan to move lakeside until Yalvac (approximately). Then drive to the east lakeside path of the lake Egirdir.

The signs informed that the Egirdir abstained approximately 70km while the maps did not enable a particular feature (scenic route). As for the quality, rather for bad it was reported. We having seen so many until that moment, we expected everything, however we were determined to go. From the beginning, however, the road showed the best signs: the vegetation, the view of the imposing mountain that rises in the direction we were going, we were impressed! We laughed through our helmets! The first thing we thought was how successful was our decision to stay overnight to Yenisarbademli. In any other case you would lose the opportunity to enjoy this beauty.

The uphill path traversed regions with different vegetation. We started already from an altitude of 1000m approximately. Initially we found plans. Then it was replaced by large pine trees! The road conditions were moderate as it had some patches and nothing else... that is a pleasure trip condition.

At the highest point of elevation, the road reached the 1.810m. The area was named Vali Cesmesi (= the source of the governor). There were one small landscaped area that had a fountain and some wooden benches with individual grills. The area is a place of visiting hikers and environmentalists, as a local botanist had mentioned who had stopped to talk to us in a stop that we had done for photos. In fact I was impressed that he said: "... it is the first time in my life I meet a Greek!"

After we did a stop at Vali Cesmesi, we continued our journey downhill now. We met 1-2 villages until Aksu, which has its cave(=magarasi). Unfortunately we are not aware of this and we continued our journey, the road was getting slightly better. After 30km we saw the stunning lake Egirdir from above, with the characteristic islet Yesilada. We headed straight to there. Our plan was to find shelter, to unload the bikes and then take a walk in the area, visiting as many attractions we could. The Egirdir I had visited again in 2008, so I suggest to the guys a pension who was on the island... The guys agreed, so we went directly to there.

The Sehsuvar Peace Pension is located deep in the area near the former Greek Church «Ayastefanos». There is a sign. The nice old owner was one of the people I met and I remember from the previous trip. His father was from Thessaloniki. The pension is clean and decent. Once we parked a woman welcomed us, but the old man was gone. At the beginning negative thoughts came, but once I asked for him and she told me that he had gone shopping then all were fixed. Eventually we arranged a triple room with bathroom in 50TL per person, a price that included breakfast and dinner. She asked what to cook for us and we said fish. At some point, Stratos said jokingly: "Those days we were near the sea, we did not eat fish, and when we got to the mountains, we ate a lot!"

We left our stuff and more 'lightweight', started for the lake Kovada inside the natural park of the same name and it is only 22km from Egirdir. There is a sign. The road leading to the crossing is narrow, crossing a plain uninteresting. After 20-25km, the lake Kovada is located within a natural park. The road is moving around it -about- half of the lake. In many places reaches near the shore, while others offer a panoramic view of the lake. The vegetation includes trees, eucalyptus trees and many other plants. At some point there is a space-probably-an information center on the lake, and also a point of recreation and relaxation. We stopped several times for photos but, especially, to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We followed the road for about 10km. until we eventually began to move away from the lake along the eastern path. We returned by the same route that led to the original junction of the road Egirdir - Antalya. I say "Provincial" road as those who want to go from Egirdir in Antalya go through Isparta, where the road is nice and wide (Highway).

We chose this particular mountain pass that was excellent. It crossed rocky mountain land with fir and black pine, offering panoramic view of the surrounding area. The road was narrow and winding. The drive would be fun if there was not that wet glue(?), tar(?) that the asphalt took out when passing heavy vehicles. Also at 1-2 points we reached dirt track with road works, due to landslide-but it was easily passable. Unfortunately that situation makes us feel bad because we had to be very careful. Despite the adversity we did not regretted for our choice.

After we traveled 30km. from Kovada golu, we found ourselves at the intersection with the highway Isparta - Antalya, just after the village Asagigodere. We turned right towards the Isparta and moved rapidly up the intersection Sagalassos - Aglasun (30km). Once we turned left, we stopped to see what we dwould do next. The time had been 5pm. and we had to return until 8pm as the dinner would be ready. It was not easy to visit the site and ride a tour through Bordur. So we chose to visit the ancient Sagalassos (Sagalassos) (35km) and return via Isparta (80km). The journey to Aglasun crossed an area with pine trees. The road was good, although except the fact that we met again this damn glue to the road... luckily for awhile. Once we got to Aglasun, we entered the tidy village and we followed a narrow winding road (5km) climbed to 1,500m, where the ancient city was.

The ancient Sagalassos was known because of its wealth and prosperity. It was an important trading post. It had all the ingredients from the nearby mountains to rebuild. Simultaneously, the plateau that was formed in front of it was very fertile. Unfortunately some strong earthquakes were the cause to be destroyed. The climatic and geological conditions of the area helped, however, to get maintained-even buried-in good condition. The findings that was surfaced, was in very good condition.

A university in Belgium took over the restoration of some monuments and the work was excellent. When I had for the first time visit the place, those works were in progress, so I could not understand the result. This time however I was very lucky! The restoration included the Nymphaeum and Memorial. We walked for several hours in the area without feeling fatigue or boredom. Either the cool breeze prevailed, or the beauty and distinctiveness of the monuments kept us interesting. With all this the time had reached 7pm. and it was the time you had to depart. We returned to the main road and we got towards Isparta (Sparta Pisidia), which is one of the most famous military centers. In Egirdir we entered from the west entrance which offers a stunning view of the area, the city and the lake.

Once we returned to the pension everybody was there waiting for us. The old man with the wide smile asked us if we want to serve food and we answered affirmatively. He prepared the table until we change clothes and sat down to eat the delicious fish under the arbor in the small quiet courtyard. At the next table had sat and ate and his own family. I felt very home and family.

After we finished Giorgos Z was still hungry. What can a fish do if you had not eaten all the day. With gently footsteps we took our bikes and went downtown for a “doner” (=Turkish meat)! We found a restaurant open and he made us 2 sandwiches with chicken and lots of red pepper to put fire in our mouth! Returning we got some sweets and sat at the beautiful back yard, where we stayed until the late hours...