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Annemasse - Annecy - Montelimar - Avignon

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Sat, 16/08/2008
Distance: 385 km
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Sakis, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


Before we leave from Annemasse ,in discussion with the receptionist, when we reported to him , we will move to Lyon, he proposed us to direct southerly and we visit a small city Annecy, following provincial street.

Entrusting his reasons and with the possibility to meet traffic jam in Lyon, because Lyon is a big city, we left from Annemasse with direction to the south.

Then after 50 km we reached in Annecy. As the previous cities, that we had visited, was built next to the lake. Small city, we crossed it relatively fast and left the bike somewhere, next to the centre. The lake allocated an organised beach, was full of people and it led to a channel, which crossed the city. Following the flow of people, we reached in the centre. The buildings, other were classic, other  baroque style ,exists some pieces of old towers and the streets in the around region were small. Walking in the most central street of historical centre of the city and welded to an ultramodern commercial centre.

The time press us, because we should cover still 335 km roughly up to Avignon, so at the midday we left from Annecy.

We were again moved from provincial road. The landscape was continuously altered, at some time gps showed us 1100 m. altitude and the difference of the temperature was perceptible. Having as choice the reject of motorways, we passed through small villages that were found in our street. The landscape of the French province offers to you lot different pictures.

Continuing our travel we passed outside from Montelimare and we moved beside the river, that crosses the city. I cannot have explicit picture for the city, but from what we saw, appeared graphic.

Late the afternoon we reached in Avignon. The particular city was a proposal of Manolis, because he had visited the city in previous travel in 2005. And there we selected the IBIS hotel, that is found 5 km roughly from the historical centre. The price of room was 70 Euro for the night without breakfast.

After we reconstructed forces, early the night, we left from the hotel, to see the city. Led from the gps, we reached in a square, where existed local and Africans people. We sate in a coffee shop and we began to wonder what was so interesting, that had seen Manolis and  insisted so much for this city, because  we did not see anything interesting, as we came. We decided to ask the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper explained to us, in near distance from where we were found , existed the historical centre of the city. Following the way that indicated to us and we came out in a square full of people.

Avignon was at the past, big economic and cultural centre, because there had its seat the Catholic church . The city is surrounded from wall and dominate the buildings of theatre, the bank with climax the enormous extent that occupies the palace of Pope. Seeing all these surrounding you, you feel you live in a fairytale.

We turned in the bike, having comprehends why insisted Manolis. In the hotel also we heard, for that day, in Avignon, existed plenitude of rooms 100% .